Russians take fresh samples from Antarctica’s hidden Lake Vostok

700_ad7f4ec8b4b180bf14ed48c9cc0da9f7Russian researchers at the Vostok station in Antarctica pose for a picture after reaching Lake Vostok in February 2012. Scientists hold a sign reading “05.02.12, Vostok station, boreshaft 5gr, lake at depth 3769.3 metres.” The researchers now report that they have brought up fresh samples from the borehole.

Russian researchers say they have brought up fresh samples of clear ice from Antarctica’s Lake Vostok, a huge reservoir of freshwater more than 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) beneath the surface.

Lake Vostok could contain water and perhaps living organisms that have been sitting undisturbed in the deep dark for up to 20 million years.

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