Rumor: Kim Jong Un Assassinated Early Friday Morning

According to Weibo a Chinese micro blogging site the newly named leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un was shot and killed at his home by an assassin who was then shot by a bodyguard. The rumor goes on to report a large number of cars at the North Korean Embassy in China. Another element of the rumor says Kim Jong Un was killed in China.

However February 16th would have been Kim Jong Il’s 70th birthday so the increased number of cars at the North Korean embassy maybe related to some sort of ceremony. North Korea is a country in practically total isolation so confirming news out of the country is difficult.

More as it becomes available…


Twitter in China is flooded with rumors that North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un has been killed. If confirmed this certainly is a game changer.

Chinese twitter ‘Weibo’ is saying Kim Jong-Un may have died or even been assassinated. Additionally there are reports of massive action at N.Korean embassy in Beijing.

A delegation of South Korean lawmakers, including Kim Jong-Un today visited a jointly-run industrial complex in North Korea in the first such trip since Kim Jong Un succeeded his father as leader of the totalitarian state.

Eight lawmakers toured factories and met representatives of South Korean businesses in the Gaeseong Industrial Park six miles (10 kilometers) north of the border that opened in 2005. More than 50,000 North Koreans employed by 123 South Korean companies at the facility produced a record $400 million in goods last year, according to ministry figures.

More as the situation becomes clear…