Strange Creatures Everywhere

By Former White Hat

I have researched this and am told these small larval crabs are actually newly born Dianond Crabs, an apparent branch of the Diamond Spiders. We do not know if someone/thing mutated them or if the Spiders did this by natural process.

Do not handle these things! Although fairly harmless in larva stage, they will quickly grow a Diamond exoskeleton and start attacking (a guess here, there are no reports of attacks yet).

Mankind has only mapped 10%, if that, of the sea and what lives down there…so much lives deep, deep where the pressure is not accessible, and there is no natural light. A deep-sea submarine brings up odd life:

and aberrations of DNA:

The “strangeness” of lifeforms on and off earth is vast. See this video — a few are hoaxes, which are obvious, but 85% are real: