Supreme Court May Reveal Healthcare Verdict Thursday

Television cameras will surround the Supreme Court on Thursday morning, as they did Monday, anticipating something that may, once more, not take place.

The momentous healthcare decision could be announced Thursday. Or not. All we really know is that it is very likely to be handed down by the following Thursday, June 28, when the court is expected to finish its current term.

The court works in secrecy as it prepares its opinions, and outsiders may be shocked to discover that  some of its work is done at the last minute. The justices would have voted practically quickly after three days of oral arguments last March on whether or not President Obama’s healthcare overhaul is constitutional. Though that vote would normally have determined the outcome of the case, there is a lot of back and forth prior to the majority opinion and the dissents, if any, are finished.

The court is not meeting Friday, so if the healthcare decision does not come Thursday, the next opportunity would be Monday.

Next week the tension will intensify. If the healthcare decision is not announced before the 28th, that day is likely to be wild: It would be the first time reporters and the public would go to court knowing they would witness what could be one of the most significant constitutional rulings of the century.

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