The World Bank Group / Committee of 300 Secret Documents


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  1. ya they came frome me i have the reganeles i talked to some one on the 300 commity becouse i needed to get to my wife so i sent hiom, these copies never helped me i seen a bunch of stuff on my space bragging about the gold thats iot i am realy the owner of king david s bank acounts an hundreds more i have all the paper work so if mamar is reading this please email me back im looking for poula an you can shout down this mocking bird wich has coused so much damage that it is unbelivable please emaile me back if you are pop john poul or oboma or queen elizabeth i have a sinned doc meant from them an a lot mor please email me back if you are from the federation of planets i never receaved my comunacation systeam as well as my pandores breef case that george bush hade a couple years ago god bless

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