Spaceship Earth: A Mass Extinction Level Event

By Paul McGuire

In 1963 Buckminster Fuller, a philosopher, systems engineer and inventor of the Geodesic Dome, wrote a book called, “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.” The idea caught on that the earth was like a spaceship with a limited amount of resources that we must manage. Later on scientists came up with the phrase, “Extinction Level Event,” of “Mass Extinction Level Event,” which describes an event like asteroid impact, thermonuclear war or biological warfare that could make mankind extinct. I believe every human being alive on Spaceship Earth, is about to experience a “Mass Extinction Level Event” in the near future. Unless, immediate changes are made, life as we know it on Space Ship earth will cease to exist.

The greatest threat to mankind is something similar to a powerful virus, manufactured in a biological warfare laboratory. This kind of virus is as contagious, as the plague in the movie, “Contagion.” However, this kind of virus can only be described as an ideological virus that infects the human mind and kills most of its victims, without them realizing it. The passengers of Space Ship earth have been exposed to an ideological virus. This deadly ideological virus is called Communism, humanism and atheism, they genetically bond together. But, there is an even more deadly pathogen behind this virus and it the ideological virus of an occult-based elite, which uses Communism as a tool to enslave mankind. Unless you are aware of the primary pathogen, which is the ideological plague of an occult-based elite, you cannot destroy the ideological virus. It is not an accident that the international bankers, who are spreading this virus, are not Communists themselves. They simply use Communism because they can control the masses in a totalitarian state, promising the lies of wealth redistribution and social justice.

Karl Marx, the author of the “Communist Manifesto,” was not an atheist! Marx was a practicing Satanist, who attended a Satanic church regularly. Adolph Hitler, although called a fascist, was the head of the National Socialist Party. Hitler and all of his top leaders were deeply involved in the occult and Satanism. The Third Reich was a front for secret occult societies like the Thule Society and the Vril Society. Again, this is not an accident!

The uneducated masses, as well as the intellectuals can be brainwashed into accepting these ideological viruses. The famous Communist leader, Lenin called the intellectuals “useful idiots.” Like most of the top Communist leaders, he understood that the illusion of Communism was a tool for revolution and establishment of a totalitarian government. Lenin understood that the real power behind Communism came from the Illuminati, the secretive occult society of the world’s most powerful families. In fact, the “Communist Manifesto,” is taken word for word for word, from the Illuminati Manifesto, which was written by the Illuminati, an occult and Satanic group.

If you want to understand what is really going on with global economic and crisis, you must understand the Illuminati motto, “Order out of Chaos.” The strategy for Communist revolution simply gives it a new name, “manufactured crisis.”

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