New Survey: Obama better if aliens invade planet Earth

Americans may be split on which presidential candidate can repair the economic climate, but President Barack Obama trounces Mitt Romney in one out-of-this-planet scenario — an alien invasion.

The majority of Americans, almost 65 percent, say Obama is much better suited than Romney to handle an out-of-this world alien invasion, according to a new National Geographic Channel poll, USA Today reports.

The survey, conducted to promote “Chasing UFOs,” a Tv series premiering Friday, also found that practically eight in 10 individuals, 79 percent, believe the government has kept info about UFOs a secret from the public. In addition, 55 percent believe agents related to these played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the film “Men in Black” — their mission is to hide data about extraterrestrial beings — really exist.

Another recent poll suggests that 77 percent of Americans think there’s evidence that aliens have already visited Earth.

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Obama Better Prepared To Handle Alien Invasion, Poll Finds

The two presidential candidates may be neck and neck in most (un)popularity polls, and according to some metaphorical sources are even the same person just with different Wall Street backers, but when it comes to the critical topic of resisting an alien invasion, Obama is far better prepared, according to two thirds of the population.

65% of Americans Think Obama Would Handle an Alien Invasion Better Than Romney [Aliens]

As the 2012 presidential election approaches, pundits are talking a whole lot of game about civil rights, the economy, and (big one coming up Thursday) healthcare. Meanwhile, the American people care about one issue and one issue only: Which candidate will protect us and our gold from aliens? The definitive answer, according to a new National…

Poll: Obama bests Romney on handling of alien invasion

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When the aliens call, who’ll answer?

New Survey: Obama better if aliens invade planet Earth

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