Some of the richest families in America…

These are only a handful of families in America, and this isn’t even global… These elite people have a lot of money…

The Koch Family

Net Worth: $98.7B
FamilyBusiness: Koch Industries
Industry: Investment
ProminentMember: David Koch

The Hunt Family

NetWorth: $13.7B
FamilyBusiness: Hunt Oil Company
Industry: Oil
ProminentMember: Caroline Rose Hunt

The Mellon Family

NetWorth: $11.5B
FamilyBusiness: Mellon Bank
Industry: Banking
ProminentMember: Matthew Mellon

The Kraft Family

Net worth: $6.6 billion 
Family Business: 
Kraft Group, New England Patriots 
Prominent Member: Robert Kraft 
Industry: Holdings, Sports 

The Jackson Family

Net Worth: $2B (estimated) 
Family Business: The Michael Jackson Estate 
Industry: Entertainment 
Prominent Member: Michael Jackson 

The Ashkenazy Family

Net worth: $4B
Family Business: 
Ashkenazy Acquisitions 
Industry: Real Estate 
Prominent Member: Ben Ashkenazy 

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