Scientology: Pictures from the ‘Inner Sanctum’ leaked

Inner sanctum: This picture, leaked onto internet site of a room in the Super Power Building, is as futuristic as you would expect. The inside of the Super Power Building looks more like something out of a spacecraft

Almost 9,000 members live and work at this building, alongside non-Scientologists. They run schools, day-care centres and a drug-rehabilitation clinic.

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General Conspiracies – Scientology HQ

what do you know about scientology….?…is it an illuminati recruitment center..? Pinching, purification and finding The Bridge to Total Freedom: Inside a very sinister induction at the Scientology HQ Members are checked if they are ‘Clear’ – which costs 82,000 to achieve… Cameras and audio monitor Clearwater site to keep a check on followers.

Brit Scientology victim tells of anguish

Katie: Cult won’t get Suri Shelley Ballantyne became involved with the cult religion when she was just seven – and fled from it ten years later. Yesterday she told The Sun: “I’m so glad Katie has done what she has. If Suri had entered Scientology like I did, her whole childhood would have been ruined. “I have no happy memories of my childhood.

Who are Scientologists and what do they believe?