‘Satanism-promoting Jews’ claim by Spanish Radio program provokes Israeli anger


A Spanish Radio program which stated Jews had been selling Satanism not too long ago raised the ire of Israelis. One of the program’s episodes says Jews “propagated the cult of Lucifer” and even used black magic to “call on the powers of darkness.”

The controversial episode dubbed ‘From the Inferno-The Jewish People: Propagator of the Satan Cult’ appeared within the ‘A la Carta’ radio program aired by Spain’s RTVE again July 25 this 12 months. However, it got here below highlight of Israeli media solely this week.

The 30-minute episode begins with ominous music. Then a presenter quotes Jacob Frank, a controversial 18th-century Polish-Jewish spiritual chief. Frank claimed to be the reincarnation of the self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi and was excommunicated by Jewish authorities on account of his heretical doctrines and controversial teachings.

“The Jews first propagated the cult of Lucifer in several secret satanical societies,” the presenter says, as cited by Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “Through black magic, the Israelites called on the powers of darkness with demonic rational.”

According to the episode synopsis, “the Jewish founders of the occult and masonry society introduced the cult of Lucifer.”

The episode, nonetheless, doesn’t’ state the place precisely and through which interval of human historical past Jews ‘propagated’ the Satan cult. Neither does it specify what number of Jews joined Satanism or how they referred to as their ‘dark powers’.

The episode about Jewish Satanism was condemned by Yigal Palmor the Director of Public Affairs and Communications of the Jewish Agency for Israel, whose major intention is immigration of Jews in Israel. He additionally served because the spokesman for Israeli Foreign Ministry between 2008 and 2014.

“How can a public entity give a podium to this sort of crude, lowly and disgusting racism? A return of the Inquisition,” Palmor tweeted. Not all social media customers welcomed the controversial episode. Some of them accused the program of instigating spiritual hatred.

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