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Sinkholes Are Popping Up On The East Coast.. Possible Conspiracy?

Now I have an interesting theory behind these recent sinkholes which mostly happened on May 23rd, 2013. What if these ‘underground tunnels’ or construction of these tunnels are experiencing tremendous stress because the lack of infrastructure maintenance by government. This is just a wild conspiracy but what could be causing these sinkholes so often? The earth is changing, here is some recent articles which are in the headlines:

Washington D.C. Sinkhole Goes Down Very Deep

May 23, 2013

Wondering what it looks like inside the sinkhole that’s been fouling up downtown D.C. traffic since Tuesday? This is not the first one in DC in the past month. I think there was two others this month..



The funny thing, is someone pointed out that this location in the pictures looks a lot like a scene from the movie Ghost Busters.


Sinkhole Forming in Bridgeport, CT (May 24th 2013)

East Rutherford Sinkhole: Man, Forklift Swallowed In New Jersey
(May 20th 2013)

Couple displaced after sinkhole opens in basement in Ohio

A two-family home in Norwood was evacuated Thursday morning due to a large sinkhole in the basement.Police say a 25-foot wide hole has opened in the building, located in the 1900 block of Maple Avenue. It’s unclear how deep it is.

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Sinkhole traps truck on Northwood Avenue in Palmer Township, PA

May 23, 2013


Another sinkhole opened up this morning on Northwood Avenue in Palmer Township, this one swallowing the front wheels of a Lowe’s delivery truck.

The latest sinkhole is in the eastbound lane just outside a home at 2350 Northwood Ave. and is not far from previous sinkholes that opened recently.

Roy White, executive director of the Easton Suburban Water Authority, said crews have started working in the area of the 6-inch main break.

Just before 9 this morning, a school bus had traveled through the area when the driver noticed the sinkhole starting to form and called authorities, Palmer Township police said.

Before crews could arrive, the sinkhole opened up more and the Lowe’s Home Improvement store delivery truck, which had stopped to deliver a riding lawn mower to a home along the road, became trapped.

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Documents reveal more details in Seffner Florida sinkhole

May 23, 2013

A huge sinkhole that opened under a house and killed a man in February collapsed several times while emergency crews responded to the scene, newly released documents show. At one point a listening device placed in the hole to monitor sounds also was buried in a collapse.

These and other details were revealed in documents released Thursday by Hillsborough County officials. “We have worked hard to bring as satisfactory a conclusion as possible to an incident that will long live on for the families involved,” wrote Hillsborough County Administrator Michael S. Merrill.

The sinkhole opened about 11 p.m. Feb. 28 below Jeffrey Bush’s bedroom on Faithway Drive. When crews arrived, they discovered the sinkhole had swallowed an entire bedroom, where Jeffrey Bush had been sleeping in his bed. His body was never recovered.

Documents note that when Hillsborough County Fire Rescue’s Urban Search and Rescue Team arrived, responders, including engineers from Bracken Engineering, lowered listening devices into the sinkhole.

A second collapse unfurled, burying one of the listening devices 30 feet below the surface, documents show. Workers watched the wire move from the back window of the house.

During the night, a third collapse took place, and emergency crews were then forced to leave the house. Geophysical specialists and other experts were called in to conduct soil sampling, records show.

“We knew that it wasn’t done moving,” said Drew Glasbrenner, senior geologist at Bracken. “We had to do some quick calculations, how far back we needed to stay.”

The tests concluded that the sinkhole was about 15 feet wide and about 20 feet deep. A “disturbed area” of soil with a radius of about 50 feet from the hole also was discovered, documents show, which prompted officials to create a safe area extending 100 feet from the collapse.

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Sinkhole terrifies Belmont Heights residents

May 23, 2013

When Linnea Beazley woke up Wednesday morning, she noticed that a narrow but deep hole had formed in the parkway outside her Belmont Heights home. By that night, the hole had grown three times wider.

“It’s a cavern,” Beazley said at the time. “Six people could jump in there right now. It’s shocking.”

Beazley blamed what she called the slow-moving Department of Water Management, which took more than a week to repair a damaged water service line near her house. The leak in the pipe had announced itself in April, Beazley said, when when her water meter started making a loud gushing sound. An official from the water department reported the problem to supervisors May 13, Beazley said.

Also last week, a plumber warned Beazley that she would have a sinkhole in her yard if the pipe wasn’t repaired immediately.

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