Baltic Sea USO: 3D Sonar reveals perfectly straight lines and angles

“When we went out and saw the walls which were straight and smooth, it was frightening, as in a science-fiction film” – Dennis Åsberg – Ocean Explorer Co-Founder

The original sonar images show large and unbelievably straight grooves or lines in the structure.”The graves are more like 1-1,5 meter wide and 0,5-1,5 meters deep.” “The lines can be made by natural causes, but they looks very “man made”.

■ Completely circular plate-like exterior.

■ 180 metres in circumference.

■ Object is 200ft accross mushroom shaped comprising a thick pillar rising 8 metres out of the seabed with a 4 metre thick dome on top (like a mushroom shape) – rising a total of 12 metres (approx 40 feet) high above the surrounding seabed.

■ Cavities-like corridors inside the object.

■ Straight and smooth walls in certain areas with many right angles.

■ There are visible formations on top of the object, which are set at a 90 degree angle and look like passageways or walls, as well as something that looks like it could be a staircase.

■ Stone circles, like “fireplaces”, of hard black “almost petrified” burnt looking stone each a few inches in diameter, like 4 or 5 pearls in a necklace in various arrangements on top of the dome.

■ Spherical object nicknamed “The Meringue” (pictured below) is 4 metres wide and sits on top of the object.

■ Twenty-five centimetre hole on top of the object, it’s not known yet where it leads or what if anything is inside.

■ Long runway or “skid marks” leading to object point north.

And a SECOND Anomaly…..

Some 200 metres away lies the second strange anomaly which is amazingly yet to be explored! The initial sidescan sonar images show something described by the team as shaped like a “gothic church window”. Similar to the main anomaly this object also has an area leading up to it of disturbed seafloor or what could be a ridge. The divers were so amazed by the main anomaly that they simply didn’t have time to dive on the second one. The return trip in two weeks time should present an opportunity for this to finally be explored.

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