‘Super Station’ Radio Signal Carrying ‘Message of Jesus Christ’ to Blanket North Korea

Communist North Korea is about to get hit with a large new radio sign carrying the message of Christ’s love like by no means earlier than.

“It’s an AM station, 250,000 watts, which will clearly cover North Korea,” mentioned Ed Cannon, president of Far East Broadcasting Company, additionally referred to as FEBC.

For over 75 years, FEBC has been utilizing radio alerts to ship the message of Jesus Christ world wide.

Cannon says this new “super station” can be erected shut to the border of North and South Korea.

“We’ve secured a location on the western coast of South Korea only a few miles south of the Demilitarized Zone,” Cannon told CBN News. “It’s a good location as a result of the sign goes throughout the ocean for a number of miles after which goes proper into North Korea.”

FEBC’s president says the radio sign will launch in a number of months and can carry gospel packages produced from neighboring South Korea.

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