Staged UFO / Alien Invasion At The 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony?

Excuse the poor grammar. This article was written in a hurry. Had to post this before I fell asleep. Things are going to hit the fan VERY soon!

In this article, we will cover some interesting information about a possible staged UFO invasion which may happen on August 12th during the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony. Note that God has not confirmed that this would happen within any dreams, this is just speculation.

Aren’t the demons, who will be posing as aliens, supposed to land on December 21, 2012? Before we get into the possible staged alien invasion on August 12th, lets briefly discuss Satan’s 2012 agenda. Earlier in our article titled “December 21, 2012, Aliens And The Ascension Agenda,” we identified December 21, 2012 as the day that Satan, posing as Jesus, would arrive on earth with various “alien” species.

David Wilcock – “the great pyramid speaks of Jesus coming in and speaks of him in very positive terms…but it also says this is a universal event… its not just about one religion its about something that benefits everyone… this time were in is a time of change, its a time we all experience change together… we’re all in this together, and each one of you are one of those liberators, you are one of those people, you are one of those people who have been charged to share what you with the people, and yes. just as had happened with me someone will call you the antichrist…”

2012 – Event Horizon. Dir. David Wilcock. 2010. Web. 17 Jan. 2012.

These aliens will really be demons in disguise. Read the article titled “Demons Will Pose As Aliens” for more information. Satan, posing as Jesus, and the Nordic alien race, which is his counterfeit for the angels, will present themselves as saviors of the earth from the Reptilian alien species. What are the Nordics? The Nordics are described as very beautiful, benevolent aliens. They purposely portray themselves as the angels of the Bible.

Amy kept a diary and when she found me on the internet, she really needed help and was full of a lot of questions. She had encounters with strange beings. She said her angel had wings and his face was human-like and he looked like a Nordic-type alien. She wondered if an angel and a Nordic were the same thing?

Alien Abduction Raped By Reptilians

In reality, these Nordic aliens are really just demons posing as an angelic race of alien species. Eyewitness encounters describe the Nordic aliens as “sex-maniacs.”

Yes. I’ve asked him several times about being a NORdic alien. He has never denied it. I’ve caught him telling me lies but continually ask him if he is lying until he confesses he is. Yes, he knows much about the short greys and reptilians and says the the NORds are in command of them. He also knows much about other species of alien. Yes, he could be lying. I cannot totally verify he is telling the truth. Yes, I was alone in a hotel on Long Island, NY. I was overtaken in a way physically that made me think I was going crazy. I have to admit these NORds are sex maniacs. Enough said.

Is The Nordic Alien Species Satan’s Counterfeit For The Angels

The supposed “angelic” Nordic species even seduce married women.

Diane explains more. “One time it was love for him and a sexual desire that went beyond anything on earth. I am purposefully blocking out a lot of it for I now feel sadness and much guilt. I cheated on my husband. It’s difficult to explain the sex we had together, for it seemed to be other dimensional. It was at his place and I remember the outside wall was glass. It went far beyond anything we can do on this earth plane. The orgasms were constant, fast, furious, and savage. I remember looking up once at his beautiful face. God! I could have consumed him.”

Alien Abduction Experience And Research

Read more about the Nordic alien species in our article titled “Is The Nordic Alien Species Satan’s Counterfeit For The Angels” for more information.

The Reptilian alien species is Satan’s counterfeit for the demons of the Bible. Satan wants to convince the world that the demons mentioned in the Bible are really this Reptilian alien species. He chose to use Reptilians because of the Bible’s description of demons as serpent-like or dragon-like.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him (Revelation 12:9)

These Reptilians will obviously just be demons posing as this serpent-like alien species. Read more about the Reptilians in the article titled “Reptilians Are Demons – Will Be Used As Scapegoats.”

Now that we have covered that Satan’s will really try to convince the world of his alien agenda corresponding to December 21, 2012, rather than August 12th, lets cover the evidence which suggests the elites may try to stage a UFO invasion on August 12th.

Big Ben rang at the unusual time of exactly 8:12 on July 27th, the day of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics games. This odd timing baffled spectators.

What a clanger! Jeremy Hunt narrowly avoids injuring spectators as bell flies off handle into crowd at Olympics celebrations

When it comes to bells, nothing’s been going right for Olympics organisers today.

There was confusion – even for over-excited Boris Johnson – this morning when Big Ben chimed at the bizarre time of 8.12am.

Within the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, we find more evidence that the Illuminati has something planned for 8/12. An aerial performance unity called the “Red Arrows” flew past the Olympics stadium at exactly 20:12, or 8:12 PM.

Britain fires up the world: London gets the 2012 Games under way with the Greatest Show On Earth (rounded off by Macca, of course)

Red Arrows fly past the stadium leaving trail of red, white and blue vapour at 20:12 exactly

Why were the Red Arrows scheduled to fly over the stadium at exactly 8:12? Why would this article bother to point out the exact time? Is the exact time that the Red Arrows flew over the stadium really relevant enough to specify within the article?

Within the movie Dark Knight Rises, we find more evidence that something will happen on August 12th. The Dark Knight Rises is full of symbolism. It even depicts a false flag terrorist attack that will happen in America during a football game. This false flag terrorist attack on American soil at a football game was confirmed to me months ago in a dream. A couple months afterwards, I was informed in another dream to watch the newest episode of the Simpsons. Within this Simpsons episode, we found evidence that there, indeed, would be a false flag attack at a football game.

Within the Dark Knight Rises, the character Bane, a character who uses explosives in carrying out terrorist attacks, gives a strange 23 day countdown. Bane states that the nuclear bomb which they set up will explode in 23 days. Dark Knight Rises was released on July 20th, 23 days from this is August 12th. Also notable was the Aurora Shootings, which happened on July 20th, the day the movie opened. Please read the article titled “The Illuminati Wants Us To Know That The Aurora Shootings Was A False Flag” for more information.

Now that we have confirmed that the Illuminati has something planned for August 12th, lets discuss evidence that one of the things that the Illuminati may have planned could be a staged alien invasion.

Check out the following very interesting and bizarre news story from

Keep an eye on the skies for saucers during the Olympics Games, warns former MoD UFO expert

  • UFO expert Nick Pope says massive summer events like the Olympics would be a prime time for an alien encounter
  • Ministry of Defence ‘has planned for the worst outcomes – attack and invasion’
  • ‘We should be prepared for even the most seemingly unfathomable’

One of the UK’s top UFO experts has given his views on the likelihood of aliens suddenly appearing in our skies – and how the international community would respond.

Nick Pope, who has more than two decades under his belt at the Ministry of Defence, said mass summer events – like the Olympic Games in London – would be a prime time for crafts from otherworlds to present themselves to mankind.

He warned: ‘With the summer of mass events we are all on high alert for terrorism. But we must also cast our eyes further afield and be prepared for even the most seemingly unfathomable.’

Another piece of evidence involves the day of the closing ceremony for the 1984 Olympics, which was August 12th. During the closing ceremony a UFO flies over the Olympic stadium. The UFO then lands and an alien comes out and greets the public.

UFO during 1984 LA Olympics on August 12. Fast Forward to 5:40.

Is it just a coincidence that the 1984 UFO event at the Olympics games happened on August 12th, the exact day that we are speculating the 2012 UFO encounter will happen?

The 1984 Olympics had no other connections to UFO and alien phenomena, why would they portray an encounter with a UFO? What possible purpose would it serve? Since the powers that be were involved with the planning of the 1984 Olympics, does this imply that the government wants us to know that the powers that be are involved with the upcoming 2012 London Olympics UFO encounter? Are they purposely conditioning the public that this upcoming encounter will bebe staged? We will answer this question shortly.

Perez Hilton, the popular Hollywood gossip writer who has connections with many Hollywood celebrity Illuminati members, wrote a story on August 10th which depicts UFOs in the skies while the band Muse is playing at the London Olympics closing ceremony.

Muse WILL Survive At Olympic Closing Ceremony!

Image courtesy of

Michio Kaku, a famous theoretical physicist, recently went on television and hyped the possibility of an upcoming alien invasion. Satan is ruler of this world (John 16:11, Luke 4:5-6). The fact that Satan’s world holds Michio Kaku in such high esteem is because he promotes Satan’s agenda.

In a different interview, Michio Kaku later made the following comment which was covertly directed at Christians who resist the Maitreya’s New World Order.

“This transition is the most important transition of all time. Some people don’t want it. They fear this transition because this transition it to a planetary civilization tolerant of many cultures. These are the terrorists. In their gut, they fear this because they know, that they are witnessing the birth pangs of the beginning of a new planetary civilization, and the terrorists want nothing to do with it.”

The Maitreya will attempt to unite the world by creating a new one world religion. Since Satan deliberately created all of the other religions in the world so he could later unite them in the End Times, he will have little problem uniting the vast majority of the peoples of the earth. Especially when one considers how hard Satan promotes the diversity and multiculturalism agenda. People will buy into his ideology of multiculturalism and unity. Unfortunately, it will be the world united against Christianity. Satan’s oh so tolerant New World Order based on a false sense of moral righteousness will not be tolerant to Christians. Jesus does not preach this idea of all inclusiveness. God only has one path.

For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. (Matthew 10:35)

Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. (Matthew 7:13-14)

David Wilcock, one of the most popular gurus of the 2012 movement, gives a sickening insight into what will happen to Christians who do not conform to Satan’s one world religion. David Wilcock says those who infringe on others freewill during this time period HAVE to be beaten, abused and raped. It will be Christians who use God’s word as the basis for their moral law whom will infringe on another’s freewill during this time period. One should really watch the video to get an idea of how brainwashed David Wilcock’s followers are. None of them seemed to find the following disturbing.

“The true law is unity, all is love, all is one, all is light, but the first distortion of this law… is the free will principle… The greatest gift that that being (God) has given us is the opportunity to discover that we are one with it in our own way, without anyone telling us what to believe or what to do or how to think… its our path and we can do anything we want, we have the freewill. If we start infringing on someone else’s freewill, it is a design of the universe that whatever we measure out to others will be measured back to ourselves. So yes you can practice the negative path if you want to. You can infringe on someone else’s freewill, you can manipulate them, you can lie to them, you can control them, you can steal from them, you can leave them unemployed, and homeless and hungry, but you will be stolen from, lied too, manipulated, controlled, beaten, abused, raped and you have to be!”

2012 – Event Horizon. Dir. David Wilcock. 2010. Web. 17 Jan. 2012.

And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand. (Daniel 8:25)

Maitreya will wage war against Christians who resist the New World Order.

“A great polarisation will take place in humanity, between those who are ready to go forward with the Christ, into the future, on the only rational basis of sharing and co-operation for the good of all, creating right relationships; and those who are holding on to the old separatist ways, who are ready (though they wouldn’t see it in these terms, it would be the inevitable result) to plunge the world into chaos, and war…”

Ronald Reagan made the following comment which suggests that the Illuminati may try to stage a false flag UFO encounter.

“I occasionally think how quickly our differences, worldwide, would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”

From a speech with President Mikhail Gorbachev, in 1988

The following exchange came from a conversation that was taken from an interview with Gorbachev and Fabio Fazio. It depicts Gorbachev and Reagan speaking about working together in the event of an alien threat.

Gorbachev: Almost. No! It still needs a little time. As regards the dialogue, at that time it was a very difficult dialogue because we could not totally meet each other halfway. And I remember during a walk by the villa garden where we met, President Reagan stopped and said, ‘But, listen to me, President Gorbachev. If we were attacked from Space, would we come together? Would we unite?’ – I answered him, ‘I do not know what you think about it but I propose to come together, that we join forces.’ […] [applause from the audience]

George Bush recollects how Reagan helped the push towards a New World Order.

Elder Bush: Reagan Helped Push For New World Order

Bush recalled criticism Reagan faced following a visit to Berlin, when the president said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” In another speech, Reagan dubbed the Soviet Union the “evil empire.” “Some of the liberals in New York were wringing their hands and going crazy,” Bush said. “And sure enough, a lot happened on his watch that was very, very positive towards a new world order, toward a peace.”

The fact that Reagan, an open promoter of the New World Order, was stating that an alien invasion would help unite the world is very relevant and telling. Satan knows that the politicians who promote a New World Order will automatically be branded as members of the Illuminati. Satan made sure that Reagan made those comments about an alien threat uniting the world so he could like the Illuminati to the upcoming August 12th staged alien invasion. As odd as it may seem, Satan hopes that the world will correctly identify the Illuminati as the engineers of this staged false flag, just as he really wants wanted the world to know that the Illuminati was responsible for 9/11. Read the article titled “Satan Wants Us To Know 9/11 Was An Inside Job” for more information. Why would Satan want the world to know that the Illuminati is behind the upcoming staged alien invasion?

The Illuminati is a scapegoat organization which will be sacrificed when the counterfeit Jesus arrives on the scene.

The Illuminati is the Dajjal (antichrist power) of the religion of Islam. Notice that the Dajjal cannot be a human antichrist entity because the Dajjal is said to emerge after the Muslims conquer Constantinople. It would not make sense for the Dajjal to be a human because the Muslims conquered Constantinople centuries ago on the 29th of May 1453.

The Islamic antichrist, which is called the Dajjal is depicted as having “one eye.”

Narrated Ibn Umar: Once Allah’s Apostle stood amongst the people, glorified and praised Allah as He deserved. Then, mentioning Dajjal, he said, “I warn you against him (i.e. the Dajjal) and there was no prophet but warned his nation against him. No doubt, Noah warned his nation against him but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed.” Wikipedia

Can you think of any one eyed evil entity which is plaguing the Muslims? The Illuminati’s symbol is “one eye.”

Notice that the Illuminati is blamed for all of the world’s problems by the 2012 and New Age movements. The following is from documentaries released by David Wilcock.

“Casey readings said that Edgar in his past life in Atlantis… was known as Rata. He was the guy who helped design and build the great pyramid, with the cooperation of an extraterrestrial group called Ra… the reason why he was able to do all these magical things like channeling… was that he was a Hybrid. His mother was impregnated by a human extraterrestrial that had white skin, they’d never seen white skinned people on earth before, so Edgar Cacey’s past life was Rata… was the first white man on earth, and if that was my past life then that means I’m your daddy…not only am I the daddy of all the white people, but I’m also the father of the Illuminati… yeah thats really nice thanks for that karma”

2012 – Event Horizon. Dir. David Wilcock. 2010. Web. 17 Jan. 2012.

“…because what they ultimately want is a racist society, they’re very racist, and they’re interested in a New World Order which is run by a Luciferian philosopy”

2012 – Enigma. Dir. David Wilcock. 2010. Web. 17 Jan. 2012.

Islam was a religion started by Satan, as is the New Age movement. The fact that both of these Satanic groups identify the Illuminati as their enemy should raise some alarm bells in the mind of a scrupulous Christian. Think about that for a moment… Two different Satanically controlled ideological groups both identify the Illuminati as the cause of the world’s problems. How much more obvious could it be that the Illuminati is a scapegoat organization?

I’m not saying that the Illuminati aren’t Satanists. They are. However, their role is only that of a sacrificial scapegoat.

Satan will sacrifice the Illuminati. In an effort to gain world support, Satan will land on earth posing as the liberator of the earth from the Illuminati secret society. Remember all of the Illuminati symbolism behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Satan wants us to know that the Illuminati did 9/11. Satan has purposely linked the cause of all of these wars to the Illuminati in an attempt to make the world identify and sympathize with the Muslims. Therefore, when the counterfeit Jesus arrives on earth and defeats the Illuminati (Dajjal), much of the world will mistake the counterfeit Jesus for the real deal. They will see the fact that he has liberated the Muslims as a sign that he truly is benevolent. In this way Satan hopes to unite the New Age movement, liberal Christianity and Islam. I speak about this in depth in our article titled “Is Maitreya The Antichrist Of Christian Prophecy?” Unfortunately, this will deceive quite a few people. The fact that the vast majority of the conspiracy community are unaware of the fact that the Illuminati is the Dajjal of Islamic prophecy does not make one feel very hopeful. When Satan sacrifices the Illuminati scapegoat will they look to him as their savior?

Judging from Islamic prophecy, the Illuminati will soon attack Syria. I predict that this will happen after the upcoming false flag terrorist attacks. God has informed me of many different attacks which will happen in a series of dreams. The Dajjal, which is the Illuminati, will be defeated by the Islamic Jesus (counterfeit Jesus of Christianity).

Losing hope of entering these holy places, Dajjal will turn towards Syria. Imaam Mahdi will already have arranged a Muslim army and will be on the verge of leading the Muslims in morning prayer when Prophet Jesus will descend and Kill the Dajjal. (Usamah / Ibne Majah)

The counterfeit Jesus will be Satan himself.

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14)

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’ (Isaiah 14:14)

As you can see, the Dajjal (Illuminati) will be defeated by the Islamic Jesus (Satan) shortly after it attacks Syria. Judging from information released by the 2012 movement, the counterfeit Jesus (Satan) will arrive corresponding to December 21, 2012.

David Wilcock – “the great pyramid speaks of Jesus coming in and speaks of him in very positive terms…but it also says this is a universal event… its not just about one religion its about something that benefits everyone… this time were in is a time of change, its a time we all experience change together… we’re all in this together, and each one of you are one of those liberators, you are one of those people, you are one of those people who have been charged to share what you with the people, and yes. just as had happened with me someone will call you the antichrist…”

2012 – Event Horizon. Dir. David Wilcock. 2010. Web. 17 Jan. 2012.

This blog is full of information that details the fact that the Illuminati is a scapegoat organization. Read the category titled “Counterfeit New World Order” for more information. Because we are already getting way off topic, I’ll only provide a few more examples .

How would we know who the Illuminati was if there was really such an organization bent on world domination? Common sense would dictate that this organization would be kept secret. If you were in control of an organization who was trying to take over the world, you would obviously not want anyone to know about it, correct? You certainly would not want to associate Illuminati symbolism with false flag terrorist attacks, right? HOW DOES THIS BENEFIT SATAN!?

How idiotic would it be to leave behind evidence that your “secret” organization is behind all of these false flag terrorist attacks? That would be like a murderer writing his name, address and phone number, in blood, at the scene of the crime.

Why is Satan so anxious to put Illuminati symbolism in every new popular music video? Why is he so anxious to get all of the celebrities to state publicly that they sold their soul to the Devil? Obviously the celebrities are going to be incredibly valuable to Satan’s plan. Satan would undoubtedly want his celebrity puppets to have clean and wholesome images as his End Times kingdom will be one that based off of false religious righteousness. Since his End Times kingdom will be one that is based off of false religious righteousness, Satan would take extra precautions that any of his organizations which he is using to create this New World Order are not associated with Satanic imagery. Otherwise he would be shooting himself in the foot.

How will Satan deceive Christians who know that the Bible warns about an evil New World Order kingdom in the Last Days. Satan will have to create a counterfeit New World Order and then sacrifice it when he arrives on the scene posing as Jesus. Since Satan will pose as Jesus, he will portray himself as savior from this evil End Times kingdom.

The Bible implies several places that Satan will be impersonating Jesus (Isaiah 14:14, 2 Corin. 11:3-4, 2 Corin 11:14, Matthew 24:4). This impersonation of Jesus will be so convincing that even God’s elect would be deceived if it were possible (Matthew 24:24). Therefore, the obvious implication here is that, if even God’s elect who know the cream of the crop could be deceived if only possible, then therefore Satan would have to come under the guise of religious righteousness and morality. We have confirmed that this is true in our articles about the little horn, who is the Maitreya / Mahdi.

So rather than an atheistic or openly Satanic New World Order, the real one that Satan will create will be a religious one that is marketed to appeal to all of the faiths of the world including Christians. The little horn, who is the Maitreya, will portray himself as the Messiah of all of the major religions on earth. If the Illuminati was the real organization that Satan was using to create the New World Order, he would not have Illuminati symbolism portrayed with Satanic symbolism.

Notice the following story from our article titled “Lady Gaga – Illuminati Is A Scapegoat

Satan is ruler of this world (John 16:11, John 12:31, Luke 4:6). He controls the media. He would not allow stories like the following to be released.

Lady GaGa tells Rolling Stone that she has Illuminati dreams

“I have this recurring dream sometimes where there’s a phantom in my home and he takes me into a room, and there’s a blond girl with ropes tied to all four of her limbs. And she’s got my shoes on from the Grammys. Go figure—pyscho. And the ropes are pulling her apart.”

But it gets even stranger. “I never see her get pulled apart, but I just watch her whimper, and then the phantom says to me, ‘If you want me to stop hurting her and if you want your family to be OK, you will cut your wrist.’ And I think that he has his own, like, crazy wrist-cutting device. And he has this honey in, like, Tupperware, and it looks like sweet-and-sour sauce with a lot of MSG from New York. Just bizarre. And he wants me to pour the honey into the wound, and then put cream over it and a gauze.”

Gaga was confused by her dream and turned to other sources to find out its meaning. “So I looked up the dream, and I couldn’t find anything about it anywhere. And my mother goes, ‘Isn’t that an illuminati ritual?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’”

Satan is ruler of this world (John 16:11, John 12:31, Luke 4:6). He controls the media. He would not allow stories like the above to be released which would give attention to the organization which he is supposedly using to take over the world. Also, notice that from the description of her dream, her mom was able to identify it as an Illuminati ritual.

The obvious question is this: How would Lady Gaga’s mom know what an Illuminati ritual is like??? The story is so apparently scripted that it’s almost comical.

Eminem is a well-known member of the Illuminati. We cover him as well as his scripted rebellion against the Illuminati in our article titled “Illuminati Is A Scapegoat – Eminem.” Lets take a look at the awards Eminem has won in the last couple years, during the period of time of his supposed rebellion against his Illuminati puppeteers. In December 2009, Eminem was named the Artist of the Decade by Billboard magazine. In 2010, MTV Portugal ranked Eminem as the seventh biggest icon in pop music history. In August of 2011 Eminem was named “The King of Hip-Hop” by Rolling Stone magazine. Eminem sings songs about his struggles with the Illuminati, something that obviously Satan would infuriate Satan, yet he gets rewarded for it? Satan would be furious at Eminem for destroying his plans for world domination so late in the game. Wouldn’t Eminem be sacrificed if anything he said was really threatening to Satan’s plan? Even more absurdly, is the fact that Eminem even alludes to the fact that 9/11 was an inside job in one of his music videos. Why was this music video allowed to be released if the elites really didn’t want us to know that 9/11 was an inside job? Why isn’t Eminem dead?

In Eminem’s video Mosh, on Eminem’s wall is a couple news stories that state Bush knew about 9/11. So lets get see if this makes any sense. A man who is a member of the Illuminati is giving evidence in his videos that indicate that the Illuminati was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Why would the Illuminati allow Eminem to expose their horrible crimes???

Why? Because, while portraying the illusion that the elites want the false flag terrorist attacks to be blamed on Muslims, the elites really want us to know that the Illuminati was responsible for 9/11. They used 9/11 to bring attention to their chosen scapegoats. Remember, Satan is going to sacrifice the Illuminati when he arrives on earth posing as Jesus. Therefore, it is in his best interest that the world is aware of the Illuminati and their crimes!

This is why they left so much evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. This is why 9/11 being an inside job is alluded to on American currency, the most circulated pieces of paper in America.

Remember, earlier on we identified December 21, 2012 as the day that Satan would land on earth with his horde of demons, which will be posing as aliens. What are we supposed to make of the fact that there may be a staged alien invasion before the other one which will happen on December 21, 2012? It goes without saying that Satan, indeed, wants all of the peoples of the earth to believe that the December 21, 2012 alien intervention is legitimate. However, could Satan want us to know that the August 12th UFO incident is staged by the Illuminati?

Could the strategic plan of creating a false flag alien invasion first that Satan wants the world to figure out is a false flag, and then staging a later one give the latter more credibility? Perhaps he things it will disarm weary and suspicious inquirers.

Paul Krugman, a well-respected economist, went on CNN and made a very odd comment concerning the possibility of using an alien invasion to help the economy.

Is this evidence that the Illuminati controlled CNN is purposely trying to plant the idea that the upcoming false flag alien invasion is orchestrated by the Illuminati?

After World War II, the USA imported over 100 Nazi scientists as part of Operation Paperclip. Werner Von Braun was one of these imported Nazi scientists. Von Braun was a leading engineer of rocket technology in Nazi Germany. The Nazi V-2 combat rocket was his design. According to Carol Rosin, who was one of his work colleagues, Von Braun gave Rosin a special mission. He wanted her to tell the world about a secret government plot, which he had been exposed to, which involved first creating a false Islamic terrorist threat, and then staging a fake alien invasion in order to bring about a New World Order.

I find it very suspicious that Werner Von Braun would repeatedly tell his associate Carol Rosin about an integral part of Satan’s plan. Satan has demons assigned to everyone on earth. Especially those who are aware of his plans. Would he really allow them to spread information that would ruin his great plan of deception?

Perhaps everything that Werner Von Braun told her was done so on the orders of Satan. Satan used this deceived woman to promote an agenda which benefits him: The idea that the Illuminati is planning on staging a false flag alien invasion.

Project Blue Beam is supposedly a top secret NASA operation, which proposes the use of 3D holographic technology to fool the masses about an alien invasion. This staged alien invasion would then be used to create a New World Order. As ruler of this world, Nothing gets leaked that Satan does not want to get leaked. Also the fact that the gurus of the conspiracy community, most of which are Satan’s puppets, constantly make reference to Project Blue Beam implies that Satan wants us to know that the upcoming August 12th false flag UFO encounter was orchestrated by the Illuminati.

This article will be updated soon!