Something Is Very Wrong With The Sun

If you are a regular visitor around here, you probably know that I follow earth changes and have done so for many many years.

I have struggled, argued & changed my mind on the cause of these changes. First it was just a pole shift, then Planet-X, then post-glacial rebound effect and I even did my homework on Global Warming.

None of those research threads revealed any shred of hard evidence that they were the cause (possibly an effect, but not the originating catalyst). Now I am examining another thread, and below are my findings thus far.

Today I went and snapped the following picture of a chemtrail. When I loaded it up on my workstation I noticed something strange.

As you can clearly see in this photo (left), the sun is white and huge. I’ve taken hundreds of these photos before, and never has the sun been so hot.

This jogged my memory a bit to a radio program I was listening to back in 2003 (I’m not sure which one) when a caller called in to say that the sun was more “white” than ever before.

The caller claimed that when he was a child, the sun was yellow not white. This got me thinking back to when I was a child.

I have a vivid memory of being 5 years old and cutting flowers outside my parents home. I can remember clearly looking down at some buttercups. The light was warm and yellow, almost comforting. At that point I recieved my very first hornet sting (apparently he was interested in the buttercups as well).

I can only assume at this point that the sting was what caused my mind to record the imagery so vividly. This was approximately 1980-81.

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