The Tristate Area Has A Shortage Of Fuel…. Why?

As many of you know, I was hit by Hurricane Sandy which is known as the ‘frakenstorm’ that hit the east coast and now many of you know from the post that was written from my mobile phone, I talked about these shortages like two days ago and from my research it seemed they were out of fuel even before the storm hit. I was listening to the police scanner the other night and I heard a lot of interesting information: There was a huge line at a Hess station of people begging for gas, and these people are watching the truck fill the tanks with fresh gasoline and then faintly you hear the cop: “I just don’t get why they aren’t pumping gas” You would figure a corporation would love extra profits and by tomorrow they could have another truck come and deliver because the plant isn’t too far away. My question is who is telling these people not to pump gas and delay these trucks from arriving? I’m still running off a generator right now, they said it will take up to 20 days to fix the power… What? Every gas-station you drive by has huge lines, where are these people coming from? Why’s there a big shortage and the most important question, why hasn’t Obama answered Donald Trumps request for 5 Million? He could of donated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy! (I still have no power and no internet, sorry for the post)

Why East Coast Gas Shortages May Not End for a Week

Power outages at hundreds of gas stations and a distribution bottleneck due to flooding damage and power loss has caused a gasoline shortage in the New York metropolitan area that may not be cleared up for at least a week, according to industry experts.

What was a problem for drivers when Super Storm Sandy ended two days ago has become a nightmare for frazzled motorists who find themselves in gas lines that can stretch on for hours. Some lines were hundreds of cars long in sections of New Jersey and New York Thursday, and in a number of locations police monitored the lines which interfered with traffic flow in some areas.

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Don’t Panic: Despite Lines, No Shortage Of Gas In New Jersey Yet, Analyst Says (B.S)

Many gas stations in Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean counties and elsewhere in New Jersey are closed and sold out of gas because of extensive power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy and demand for fuel. Drivers looking to gas up across the area hardest hit by Sandy were shocked Wednesday and Thursday to discover some huge lines for fuel—especially in New Jersey–prompting fears of shortages that could leave residents unable to power generators or cars in coming days.

But don’t panic. While the lines—and the fears—are real and frustrating, there is actually no shortage of gasoline in the region right now, according to Patrick DeHaan, a senior analyst at, which tracks gas prices and stocks across the United States. As long as people keep their heads, things should get back to normal soon.

“There’s no real gas shortage,” he said. “There’s just a shortage of power. Its just a matter of finding the right station.”

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State troopers deployed as tensions boil at gas stations in Sandy’s wake

State troopers have been deployed at all gas stations along the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway, where dwindling gasoline supplies are causing frayed nerves as the region endures its third full day with massive power outages.

Frustration with gas supplies topped the list of issues causing tensions to boil over in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, the states hardest hit by power outages in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Residents jockeyed for fuel at the few stations still pumping, searched store shelves in vain for batteries, struggled with sporadic cell phone service and found themselves unable to buy necessities at supermarkets.

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It’s funny how you read some of those articles and it says about there is no shortage, you just have to find the right station that has power.. That is complete bull crap, I seen it with my own eyes! There is lines and lines of people at every gas station in the area, unless these people are some kind of paid agents to drive around and hog the gas-stations up; I mean it’s that ridiculous. But then other MSM articles report that there is shortages in NJ and NY. So what is it? Something weird is going on and I think its some kind of setup or test for future weather weapon warfare, riots, economic collapse/food shortages and power grid failure? This storm was very powerful and no doubt in my mind it was created by HAARP/Chemtrails. I seen weird lights (not transformers) and weird groaning noises. Also many people have also reported that the government/military has taken over their towns. I also seen a huge military truck during the night of the hurricane and our power mysteriously went off after they passed by our house, coincidence? Something weird is really going on and I don’t how to explain it.