Trump announces record detentions, says migrants will be ‘sent home’

Donald Trump has called on Democrats to vote for his immigration reform to fix the ‘National Emergency” on the US’ border with Mexico, saying that migrants are being detained in record numbers to be repatriated.

In a string of tweets Friday morning, Trump again promised a crack down on illegal immigration, announcing that serious measures were already being taken by border patrol to curb the crisis.

Aside from current measures, he also said that the country’s “removal forces” would be beefed up, and that laws would be changed in order to assure that those coming in illegally will be “removed from our Country.

In a change of pace, Trump also claimed that Democrats now recognize that there is a “national emergency” at the border, and that there is a “good chance” they will help take action on the issue ahead of elections.

Just yesterday, Trump announced a plan for sweeping immigration reform, promising to make America the “envy of the world.” In particular, the plan targets “catch and release” loopholes which allow migrants detained at the border to be released into the US.

Senator Lindsey Graham, however, didn’t agree that the president’s plan was composed in a bipartisan spirit, but rather “to unify the Republican Party around border security.

Trump’s opponents were not impressed with the proposal, and have warned that the measure has little to no chance of passing in the Democrat majority House.