“Tsampoukas” by Russian Navy: “If the block ALAED will protect”

New scaling relations in the West and Russia, the Russian Navy to state a few hours ago that has been mandated to protect the cargo ship ALAED, which carries including upgraded attack helicopters (gunship is the exact terminology of type) in Syria and which was blocked by the British Navy last June in a North of Scotland run its course.

It is the first time that Russia’s armed forces involved in such a way to power game unfolding with a focus on Syria and everyone is holding their breath: What happens if I try a western boat or warship ektofylakis or prevent the progress of ALAED ?

The defencenet.gr since last Saturday predicted that we repeat the scene before the crisis in Cuba in 1962, the U.S. then threaten to sink the ship carrying Russian ballistic missile parts to the island.

Replying to a question presented on the occasion of the descent of the Russian ships in the Eastern Mediterranean and especially Syria, Rosoboronexport said that n is not new helicopters, but repaired Mil Mi-25, but which are “nail eye “of the Islamists and the Western extension having been” reaped “in recent weeks Islamists rebels and mercenaries in battles with the Syrian Army.

The Russian property (company Femco) freighter ALAED a month ago had to stop off the coast of Scotland and finally returned to the port of Murmansk, and the insurance «Standard Club» forced under pressure from the British government to withdraw the insurance coverage of the vessel and cargo.

The ship returned to Russia, changed flag and insurance company and went to sea and now searching the occasion again to block the western and, more particularly Bretano; i, but Moscow has warned that it would be illegal algae would react accordingly. There has simply stated that he understands the “appropriate” …

Now the Russian Navy itself – something very unusual – announces that “I guarantee, if necessary, the safety of ship and will provide effective protection if necessary.”

Already iges unconfirmed report from Moscow that the ship is watched by Russian submarine, and definitely when it will be close to areas controlled by the western, as the British EEZ, the Straits of Gibraltar, etc., chances are that it is accompanied by a surface ship of the Russian Navy.

This demonstration effect of Moscow, a kind of “tsampouka” and will have great interest the reaction of Western …