The Cosmos Turned Upside Down: Tolkien, The Giant 9/11 Lie, And The Evil War on Terror

“I have become worried, however, in recent years, that the movies have come to replace the reading of ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ Yours is an imminently visual culture, you receive the world through screen. Someone has said current students are like toadstools, they grow at night under a dim light of the flickering screen.

Reading is a moral act. A deeply moral and religious act. Because it is an act of concentration. It’s an act of imagination. It takes you out of yourself, takes me out of myself, into a larger world, which I only have to imagine myself into as a sympathizer of that world, but where I have to form the images that the words on the page enable me to form. By contrast, most films form images for us, and for that reason I think film is a lazier medium than the written word.

I thought I would talk about Tolkien as a writer, so to speak, of 9/11. A writer who addresses the world  that’s blowing up in the Middle East, even as we speak. A writer who helps us to think about what it would happen if the terrorists were to strike Boston, as they struck New York. To help us confront how we’re to live in the face of ongoing terror that has become, whether we acknowledge it or not, the background noise of our lives. It’s there. It’s there. It’s there.

You may know, if you don’t know, you should know, that the 20th century was the deadliest century in the history of the human race. So if you get one statistic today, get this one: more people were killed by violent means in the 20th century than in all preceding centuries combined. Roughly, 190 million. And, of course, we Americans did our share of that killing. And we Americans have done our share of that killing prior to Hiroshima, prior to Nagasaki. We have our own holocaust, as Wendell Berry puts it. It began right here in Massachusetts. If you don’t know the book called Mayflower, I urge you get thee to the book store in a hurry. It’s a book about King Philip’s war, and about the slaughter of Native Americans by our Christian forebears. We have had our holocaust. Not to mention what we did to the slaves, whom we brought over from Africa under coercion, the power of the Ring, so to speak. . .We have inherited a horrible, horrible history of massive death.

I was on my way to Duke to give a lecture in 2001 before the events of September 11, picked up a newspaper that gave the statistic that in just the first 9 months of the 21st century 1.6 million had died. So you see where we’re going. We’re on our way, it seems, toward a new century of fire and blood. An age incarnadine, to use Milton’s phrase. How are we to live in the face of that? What are we to do?

It seems to me that Tolkien’s immense popularity as a writer is precisely because he doesn’t dodge that question of how we are to live and what we are to do. And he does so as a Christian. Many people do not know that Tolkien was a Christian writer. There are some who dispute whether he was a Christian writer. Not only was Tolkien a Christian writer, Tolkien was a Catholic writer. You must be honest about the Catholicism, the deep Catholicism that underlies The Lord of the Rings.” – Professor Ralph Wood, from his lecture given on February 22, 2011, called, “On Tolkien—The Lord of the Rings—A Book for our Time of Terror.”

“We are a death-fearing, death-denying, death-escaping culture. And Tolkien nails it by giving the Ring the power of deathlessness.” – Professor Ralph Wood, from his lecture given on February 22, 2011, called, “On Tolkien—The Lord of the Rings—A Book for our Time of Terror.”

“So, today’s war on terrorism seems a war to own the Ring, rather than a war to destroy it. Neither Bush’s nor bin Laden’s supporters fight for liberty; they all fight to strengthen their own power. One can hardly choose to join one or the other – and should only ask whether there is still a place for common, peaceful people in the lands of the opposing war lords. Indeed, the only rational position is that of Treebeard: “I am not altogether on anybody’s side, because nobody is altogether on my side, if you understand me… And there are some things, of course, whose side I’m altogether not on; I am against them altogether.” (Tolkien 2001, p.461)” – Carlo Stagnaro, “Tolkien’s Lesson for September 11,”July 25, 2002.

Sauron’s army in The Lord of the Rings consisted of orcs, trolls, and other beastly creatures. His power seduced many. But Sauron’s power is nothing compared to the power of the mighty sorcerers of Washington, Tel Aviv, and London, who have seduced not just orcs and trolls to join their ranks, but also hobbits, dwarves, and others. This is surprising because we don’t expect good-natured hobbits to fight on the side of evil and darkness, but this is exactly what has happened in the Evil Global War on Terror.

The sorcerers behind the Global War on Terror used the Evil Eye of the Mass Media to brainwash, hypnotize, and dispossess moral individuals of their spiritual identity and mental independence. They committed this demonic act of coercion in order to get the people’s support for their evil war on humanity, God, and freedom in the Middle East and the West.

Ralph Wood, a professor of Theology and Literature at Baylor University, lists the power of coercion as one of three powers that The Ring symbolizes, along with the powers of invisibility and deathlessness/immortality. The secret death cult that did the 9/11 attacks already have the powers of coercion and invisibility, and they are within reach of acquiring the third power because of the rapid development of life-extension technologies.

The power of invisibility is exercised by the mass media, which suppresses the truth about 9/11 and the real personalities and governments who engineered the events. The true demonic nature of the sorcerers in Washington and Tel Aviv is largely invisible because of the Evil Media’s suppression of their grand plan for America, the Middle East, and the world.

The power of coercion is also connected to the media, and its use of propaganda and mass mind control techniques to disable independent thinking and mold the Western mind.

The evils that the unchained sorcerers of the totalitarian state have committed in the name of Western civilization, America, and Israel are transferred onto mysterious Islamic terrorists, most of whom are spies and contractors in Washington’s army. As a result of the process of psychological transference, innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, and Palestine are scapegoated and killed.

Since 9/11, the name of Washington has been ruined and disgraced. It is now synonymous with Sauron and Satan. This is a real shame. Also, the name of America has been destroyed because of the mass murder of millions of innocent people by the hijacked American government, which is operated by criminal financial globalists who wish nothing more than to see America perish from the face of the Earth.

Truly, the cosmos have been turned upside down since the false flag September 11 events. Sauron has used his sorcery to capture the will of the American people and the will of the West to wage a total war on all of creation.

The global war on terror is a war unlike anything humanity has ever experienced because of the potential for immense destruction of cities and countries with nuclear bombs and biological weapons. The genocidal mass murderers who are waging this insane war from within America, Israel, and the West have no sense of shame or morality. They are possessed to kill humans and to control all life, and they plan to count their victims in the hundreds of millions. By the time their war against humanity is done, the victims of Hitler, Mao, and Stalin will be a fraction by comparison.

But there is still hope to stop them, end the evil global war on terror, and bring them to justice. Without the power of invisibility, without the power of the mass media, without the power of mass mind control, they are finished.