The Hidden Truth – Aliens are Demons

ufo_purple3.7 million people indicate that they may have had an abduction experience with an unidentified flying object. Many of these people have recovered these memories through hypnosis. They claim to be taken inside space ships and examined on, while ‘aliens’ communicated telepathic messages to them.

Scientists at Cal State university did research at one time a number of years ago, where they took people at random, who had no such idea about aliens, or ufos, and no indication that they had ever been abducted and they hypnotized them. The scientists suggested to the subjects they had, in fact, been abducted, and asked them to describe the situation. The descriptions were exactly the same as people who reported these incidents on their own.

The scientists asked the random group of people to describe the aliens and came up with very similar descriptions of the classic alien gray, as well as stating they were being medically examined.

No one understands exactly what hypnosis is other than it seems to loosen the connection between the mind and the spirit or soul of a person. It is an altered state of consciousness similar to what yogis and or witch doctors and such would practice. If a hypnotist can suggest things that are not happening, make people think they have powers they do not have, experiences that never happened in the past, or implant false memories, other beings or entities could obviously do the same thing.

The brain seems to be a machine, that a ghost could operate. Your spirit operates your brain.

What is exceeding striking and odd, is that many of these ‘messages’ from so called aliens, around 90% contain the same general message as the following one.

(purported alien message to humanity)