The James Holmes Time Manipulation

This new James Holmes video is an effort to remind everyone that July 27th approaches and with it the opening ceremony of the London Summer Olympics.

Since most conspiracy types will discuss all of the usual mind control and patsy scenarios for James Holmes and the Aurora, CO shooting spree, I contend that the entire incident using James Holmes as a patsy and as a victim was a ritualized time manipulation, conducted by the NWO elements of the Queen 14 and her Royal 7 cabal.

The shooting incident serves many political purposes and was used in many specialized ways to distract and prevent focus on the July 27th UN Gun Treaty. In such a way, any incident in London on July 27th will further prevent focus on matters important to us all regarding gun control.

All false flag incidents will lead us to August 12, 2012 when the mega ritual transitions from 13 into 7 and it is on this date at the end of the day, 7 minutes after sunset, 8:35PM when I believe the NWO will usher in a new dawn of evil and control over humanity.

With so much going on, it has been difficult for me to be patient in explaining my findings. Only those who have kept up and are familiar with my findings will truly understand that what I am showing you is real and signifies much more than mind control, false flag agendas or political NWO ideologies.

This ritual represents the NWO future time line and every incident no matter how mundane was generated to ensure the NWO success in the future when 7 turns into 9 and the NWO, one world government begins to spread its darkness upon humanity.

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