Proof Aliens Do Exist, Two Leaked Videos From Area 51

Here are two videos of supposed leak tapes of a stereotypically grey alien. The first one is the videoArea 51: A Documentary that was shown on TV in 1997.  A person who calls him self “Victor” releases a video of an alien being interviewed telepathically from Area 51. (*note start watching it at 22:45- before that is just boring re-enactment stuff) “Victor” then appears 11 years later giving another interview (See the bottom of this post for the other Videos).

The second one is a Wikileaks release of a grey alien which claims it was recorded after the Roswell incident back in 1950.

What is interesting is that both of the Aliens have very similar features and movements. “Victor” explains in the video that the alien has a lens over his eyes to protect them which would explain why we don’t see them blinking and in the other video they do.

Victor also explains that the aliens refer to us as a “Vessel” in which a soul can enter and leave.

Strangely enough, there are many cases involving spirit possession in which a human being either doesn’t want to control the body or in a since gives up and other things then can enter to take over. Many cases of these are documented in China and of course there is demonic possession.

Now with these crazy Zombie like attacks, from this so called drug “bathsalts,” who knows what entities are controlling the people anymore. This sounds totally out there, a real Zombie Apocalypse, but I don’t think I would use that term–well not yet at least…Anyway, point being If this is true, if the aliens were able to enter into some people’s bodies (just like being possessed) then this is far more scarier then a full out war with the human race. Even more scarier is what if certain people allowed them to enter in their bodies and who know what would happen. It would then be the aliens making decisions instead of human beings–just thinking about this can make one cringe.

Now I won’t point out specific scenarios, but this questions does lead one to really contemplate many aspects of this question–sounds way far left field right?  But in many cases, the truth can be stranger then fiction. I think this could be the real answer to why the government really doesn’t want us to know that aliens do exist.

The most interesting part of the Area 51 video for me is the last 10 min. Everything I have read and know of Aliens seems to tie into the answers Victor provides. He mentions they don’t necessarily come from a far distant planet. That they use their UFOs for inter-dimensional travel.

Now most people might tend to roll their eyes at this (or this post in that matter), but when humans don’t tend to understand something, or what “science” has not been able to explain or recognize we make up a word for it or it falls into a category until it is so called proven by some scientific method.

An example of this would be someone who is or has psychic abilities or is telepathic.  Now being able to see certain events,  someone’s future or past, or hearing people’s thoughts has now been more widely excepted in our world as more and more people are finding they either have or believe in this ability. However, it still falls under the term “super-normal” or “supernatural  abilities.”

According to the video and many other sources who have been face to face with a real alien, they all say that the aliens have telepathic abilities. So in this since, it seems that it is just a normal way of communication for them.  In fact “Victor” even says they can’t speak with their mouths.

But what if every person on Earth had this ability? Would it still be categorized as a superpower or just be labeled as an ability and accepted along with the Five senses? (Or Six in this case)

When something is unknown, people will think of it as a mystery, unexplained phenomenon, something supernatural or come up with some other label to categorize it in. If the world was to find out that other dimensions do exist for sure, then it would change all our human notions on life and the universe.

What about quarks. We didn’t know of their existence until the mid 60′s and really wasn’t able to study them till the early 90′s.  Now quarks have become a fact and a common study in science. What would have happen if scientists back over 100 years started to propose that these super tiny tiny elementary particles existed? Would people believe them? Maybe not because there wasn’t any way for them to prove it back then and the atom was considered the smallest particle.

Another thing if this alien is real, then I am sure they would have knowledge of even far more microscopic particles that would take us centuries to discover and observe.

People will tend to disbelieve something if it isn’t common knowledge or studied very thoroughly by some high level scientist. And when someone comes out to make a daring statement, they are shutdown, laughed at or not supported.

One thing I think everyone can agree on is that “Victor” is not your average guy. As userthailandamulets says:

“One thing is clear from Victor’s rapid answers to difficult questions; He is an extremely intelligent thinker and answers with extremely insightful and visionary retorts. This is no ordinary person, and is very well educated and professional.”

I would agree as well he provides a clear detailed answers to the questions raised. Also in the other video from 11 years later, he seems a bit nervous, and somewhat jumpy.  Which he then hints at we won’t see him again because something huge will take place in our world and that high level US officials are doing all they can to leave before it happens with these aliens.

I am not saying I agree with everything he is saying, I am just pointing out there seems to be some common themes around a lot of what he is saying and the alien video.

In any case, I do not believe the aliens are here to help us. Since 1950′s what we call “science” has become humans soul purpose to explore, and at the same time, our motivation for a spiritual exploration has been hindered by this science.  Over 100 years ago most of the population believed in many divine aspects of life and the heavens. Now it seems if “Science” doesn’t prove the existence of something then it is shunned upon, and labeled as being superstitious. And now “science” has become much what the human race believes in over the existence of spiritual or divine things. Even the Dali Lama said that anything “science” disproves in the Buddhists scriptures he would have it changed. The scriptures have been around for 1,000′s of years, and our modern science just a few decades.

In any case the modern science we have and the technology it has produced since the 50′s has become the driving force to create new and better things. I feel the human race is too dependent on these things allowing the aliens to steer us in any direction they wish, because all we want is to have either more power, or more technology, but in the end we are slowly becoming an addict much like a junkie to his dealer. If all of our technology failed to work for us anymore, we would literally be left in the dark, defenseless and helpless.

In a positive light, if in the long run aliens really do exist, then it would mean there are so many other things that exist in our wondrous universe that we don’t know about. Many people believe in Angels and they could also be helping the human race if the aliens really do have bad intentions. I will say I do believe in the human race, we have our compassion and our faith. That is something the aliens will never be able to take from us.  Just like the ending of all the Hollywood movies out there– we will prevail.

I truly believe that.

Link to part one of the interview with “Victor” 11 years later

Link to part 2 of the interview with “Victor” 11 years later