Trayvon Martin: Photos The Media Doesn’t Want You To See!

By Chicago News Report

If a picture’s worth a thousand words… what do these photos say about Trayvon Martin?

The image above is a more recent photo of Trayvon Martin… the clean-cut, baby-faced pictures of the slain Florida teen plastered all over the news, are nearly four years old.

Chicago News Report found photos similar to the ones used by the media in an online photo album dated August 30, 2008.

And thanks to an anonymous tip, CNR also discovered what we believe to be Trayvon Martin’s MySpace page.

The profile is listed under the user name miramars_numba9.

Martin was once photographed in a football jersey with the number 9 on it and he attended Miramar High School in Florida.

If the online profile belongs to Martin, he was certainly interested in more than just Skittles and iced tea.

Screenshot of Trayvon Martin’s alleged MySpace page:

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More photos from a second, alleged Trayvon Martin MySpace page listed under the user name Tray 9:
From The Daily Mail: Trayvon Martin Suspended 3 Times For Drugs, Truancy And Graffiti And ‘Caught Carrying A Burglary Tool(and did he attack a bus driver too?)

Trayvon Martin (yellow arrow). Suspicious hand gesture (blue arrow)
What is that on the counter?