The Odd Story of the Kansas Airport Terror Plot: Another FBI Patsy Entrapment Scheme?

article-wichita-1213by Scott Creighton

So the FBI has foiled yet another “radicalized homegrown extremist” terrorist plot apparently of their own making.

Many are out there saying the FBI set-up Terry Lee Loewen, a 58-year-old avionics technician who lives in Wichita, with a plot where he supposedly planned to drive a vehicle full of explosives into a terminal at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Regional Airport and set it off sitting next to a commercial airliner yesterday morning. He is supposed to have done this in support of al Qaeda and their fight against “the serpent”, that’s us.

This is a reasonably easy argument to make considering they, meaning the FBI, cultivated this guy (according to their own official story mind you) brought him to the point where he would bomb something, provided direction and a computer and a bomb and truck for him to take to the airport and set off.

In that sense it’s not even entrapment. They just brought the guy along on their terrorist act.

But I wonder about Loewen’s involvement in this act. Seems the evidence they provide themselves paints a rather different story about what happened and when you take it in context of what is happening in the country today, it seems obvious that something else might be unfolding. A new kind of FBI patsy terrorist scheme.

The “useful idiot patsy” story is an easy conclusion to come to considering much has been written over the past couple of years about all the FBI created plots they “foiled”  being nothing more than staged PR events for various interests in this country.

The New York Times reported on this growing trend in the FBI back in April of 2012 wondering aloud if it was legal.  RT wrote about the same disturbing trend back in Aug of 2011.

But the best expose on the subject of the out of control criminal FBI “terrorist factory” has to be the Mother Jones article, The Informants. That’s about all the horrible criminals the FBI employs with your tax-money to entrap homeless half-wit mentally challenged patsies on behalf of continuing the “War on Terror” mythology here on the “home-front”. Most of the hardened criminals they use in these “sting” operations shouldn’t be allowed to see the light of day much less get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Justice Department and given a free pass to roam the streets. But, that’s our FBI’s “heroic” program for you.

Mother Jones also has a fabulous data-base webpage dedicated to detailing all the various “terrorists” the FBI has either set-up or employed over the years. It’s called “Terrorists for the FBI” and it’s quite illuminating.

Hell, the FBI’s terrorist manufacturing operations even got mainstream, prime-time coverage a couple of years back when Judge Napolitano on the subject of fake FBI terror plots.  He pointed out how they create and then foil them. That’s Fox News folks. As mainstream as it gets.

And of course, little “conspiracy theorist” bloggers like myself have spent countless hours exposing these frauds for what they are.

That’s all well and good, but with regard to this plot specifically, when reading up on it this morning I started coming to a … slightly different conclusion about it.

The current story, even when presented by a writer as being a set-up where the FBI provided planning and the bomb, hinges on one thing: Loewen being a willing participant in the end. Even if it’s in conjunction with a terrorist plot that would not and could not have occurred without government help, he is still implicated in the end with participating willingly doing his part.

Having read the affidavit, I have to wonder if that is true at all. Especially considering the timing of it all.

Loewen-Complaint (PDF)

From what I have read it seems this guy was taken off the streets about two days prior to the “arrest” by two of the FBI’s assets (see above for description of those types) and that may be the extent of his involvement in it. Or he may have just shown up for work yesterday morning and the Feds rolled in and arrested him.

Let me explain.

The Odd Story of the Disappearance and Arrest of Terry Lee Loewen

According to the official story, Loewen was arrested yesterday morning as he attempted to use his security card to gain entrance to the location where he worked at the airport. He was on foot, not behind the wheel of the alleged truck-bomb vehicle. That’s an important distinction.

The following is from page 20 of the official complaint against Loewen filed by the FBI’s Special Agent Stephen Cousineau.

“On December 13, 2013, at approximately 4:45 a.m., FBI Employee 2 picked up Loewen at a local hotel.

The two drove to the location where the bomb was being stored, and arrived at 4:55 a.m. Loewen finished wiring the device rendering it operational.

At approximately 5:19 a.m., Loewen and FBI Employee 2 departed their location and began their route to Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.

At approximately 5:40 a.m., FBI Employee 2 and Loewen arrived at the gate where Loewen tested his badge on December 11, 2013.

At approximately 5:42 a.m. Loewen exited the vehicle and attempted to use his badge twice on the card reader access panel in order to gain entry to the tarmac.17

The badge and the code used by Loewen were unique to him, and validated by the security system, and would have opened the gate had it not been disabled. Loewen was taken into custody after his two attempts at opening the gate” Loewen complaint

If Loewen had been driving, he would not have had to exit the vehicle to use his badge and pass code to enter would he? So Loewen wasn’t driving.

It’s also interesting that FBI Employee 2 (they don’t call them “confidential informants” anymore after getting so much flack for using criminals as “CIs” in previous stings. They’ve been losing cases due to this problem, so now, since they pay these folks, they call them FBI employees) had to pick up Loewen at a hotel prior to this arrest.

Why was Loewen in a hotel? He lived and worked in that area. Went there every day. Why did he stay at the hotel prior to this supposed suicide bombing? And for that matter, why would the FBI’s asset need to pick him up from the hotel anyway? Why wouldn’t they simply meet at the location where the bomb was?

The FBI affidavit makes it clear that Loewen hadn’t been to work, called in sick, the day before the attempted attack so he could ‘write letters” to whomever, but all they have produced to that end in this complaint, is one incriminating paragraph which they claim was “left for” a family member. Was it “left” in possession of FBI asset #2? Did they just produce it? Is it signed? Why would he “leave it” and not mail it to whatever family member it was?

On December 11, 2073, FBI Employee 2 met with Loewen again. The two of them went to another location where Loewen wired the triggering device, and he assisted FBI Employee 2 in assembling the rest of the bomb.  Both agreed that Friday, December 13, 2013, would be the best day to execute their plan, and Loewen stated that he was happy that this was going to happen soon. Later that day FBI Employee 2 spoke with Loewen, who stated that he did not go in to work that day, but had spent the day writing letters to his family member and making lists about what he still needed to do” Loewen complaint

So lets analyze this shall we.

Two days prior to the alleged attack, an FBI asset is “meeting with” Loewen for most of the day, Loewen doesn’t show up for work and the next thing we know is someone on foot attempts to gain entrance to the secured location at the airport but fails. This is where Loewen was supposedly arrested. He was shuttled around, put up in a hotel for some strange reason, not driving his own vehicle, not driving the car-bomb vehicle and apparently had missed work at least one day (perhaps two?) prior to his arrest. Then the FBI “employee” produces the “I did it” letter to his as yet unnamed relative.

You with me so far?

That’s the FBI’s story. But then again, the FBI repeatedly lied to us about what happened when the shot and killed Ibragim Todashev. The FBI lies about terrorism cases so often these days, it’s a cliche to even mention it. But, you should consider that in context of the rest of this story.

The Odd Story of the FBI’s Communications With Terry Lee Loewen

While I was reading the criminal complaint against Terry Lee Loewen, all the supposed communications between him and “FBI employee 1″, I couldn’t help but say to myself that this just sounds ridiculous. It’s like a script that came straight from that honey pot film made for the FBI that was eventually turned into “Innocence of the Muslims”

Its beyond cartoonish “ebil Moslums” cliches and stereotypes. It sounds like it was written by Pamela Geller and it mentions well known honey pot CIA run “jihad” websites on numbers of occasions as being the foundation for his online “radicalization”… that’s what he himself calls it, believe it or not.

Keep in mind, the quotes I am about to present to you supposedly came from emails sent between Loewen and “FBI employee 1″ from Aug 5th of this year till early Dec.Long after most Americans (and certainly folks working at an airport) were well aware of NSA spying operations sweeping email traffic for various words that would flag them for suspicion.

In these emails, Loewen supposedly regularly uses words like “al Qaeda” “jihad” “c4″ “airplanes” “Allah” “green light” “operations” “airport security” “mujahdeen” “Muslim” “radicalized” “target” “bin Laden” “Anwar Al-Awlaki” “Revolution Muslim” “Al Qaeda Manual” “martyrdom” “van full of C4” “killing children” and “children killed

Laughingly, Loewen is supposed to have written this very early in the communications with the FBI “employee”:

“I realize we don’t know each other very well, and neither one of us knows who could be listening in, so please use caution” Loewen complaint

He doesn’t know who he’s talking to and understands someone “could” be listening in on his email communications, but he goes on to write about killing kids and jihad and trucks full of C4 anyway?

But it seemed so plausible?!

Do you think someone who’s professional career is based on being able to pass a rather high level security background check would be sending out emails containing such obvious red-flag words in the height of the Edward Snowden affair with all the news and attention focused on how the NSA is collecting and reading all of our emails?

Is it just me or does that just sound stupid?

Delving deeper into the sophomoric sounding propaganda, read this:

“… One last thing I would like to make clear if I haven’t already – I believe the Muslim who is labeled “a radical fundamentalist” is closer to Allah (swt)8 than the ones labeled “moderates”. Just my opinion; if I’m off base, please set me straight…

… Brothers like Osama bin Laden and Anwar al Awlakle are a great inspiration to me, but I must be willing to give up everything (like they did) to truly feel like a obedient slave of Allah (swt)…

I have downloaded tens of thousands of pages on the subjects I mentioned earlier [referring to jihad, martyrdom operations and implementation of Sharia law. Today I printed out something called the Al Qaeda Manual ( or Manchester Manual),…

… I have considered supporting some of our brothers and sisters in prison, and have been sending money to the family of Younnus Abdullah Muhammad, one of the founder [sic] of the Revolution Muslim website, which is the first website that really helped me understand what obedience to Allah(swt) was. He is doing eleven and a half years over the whole South Park fiasco; isn’t democracy great? I still need to do more however. lf by any chance you know of someone who is active in jihad and could use an occasional influx of “help”, please let me know. Short of that, nothing lam doing now is enough. lf the subject is too hot to handle, by all means let it go. I only want to help my brothers, not lead them to a destination they feel isn’t for them. I just hate the kaffar government and those who are following it to the Hellfire, and the sooner it and its followers get there, the better…

.. Let me preface the bottom line by saying I have become “radicalized” in the strongest sense of the word, and I don’t feel Allah(swt) wants me any other way” Loewen complaint

Does it make any sense at all that this white guy even if he did want to become a “radicalized Muslim” would go online posting information like this, statements like this, knowing full well it contains the kinds of red-flag words and phrases that get people arrested almost immediately these days?

He actually even mentions a guy on Facebook getting busted for posting about jihad as if that guy was an idiot. Then he goes on to email or post about trucks full of C4 and “killing children” for Allah.

Give me a break.

And lets not forget all those FBI foiled plots they created in the past more often than not came at a time to serve one agenda or another at just the right time.

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