Toxins From G.M Plants Found in Women and Fetuses

When the U.S government approved Monsanto’s genetically modified ‘BT’ corn, they knew it would add a deadly poison into our food supply! The corn’s DNA is fitted with a gene from bacteria called Bacillus Thuringiensis that produces this BT-Toxin.. It’s basically a pesticide, which breaks open the stomach of insects and kills them! But Monsanto and the EPA said that this toxin would only affect insects.. They claimed that it wouldn’t hurt the human digestive system… Now don’t forget that most of the corn in the United States is genetically modified!

Now a study at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found that this BT-Toxin was found in the blood of pregnant woman and their babies.. (Specifically, the toxin was identified in 93% of 30 pregnant women, 80% of umbilical blood in their babies, and 67% of 39 non-pregnant women.) This study has been published in the journal for Reproductive Toxicology.. According to Daily Mail UK this study appears to “blow a hole in” safety claims that “has triggered calls for a ban on imports and a overhaul of the safety protocols of GM crops and food.” Organizations in European countries are calling for a independent investigation of GM crops..

Links to allergies, auto-immune disease, and other disorders

There has been plenty of evidence that shows BT-toxins which are produced in GM corn and cotton plants; are highly toxic to humans and mammals alike.. It triggers a unhealthy immune response in the body. It flows through the blood supply and later passes through the placenta into the unborn baby! This is why we have seen the rise of disorders within the US since these GM crops have been introduced back in 1996!

Government sponsored research in Italy has shown that mice fed Monsanto’s BT corn showed a wide rage of immune responses. Elevated antibodies of IgE and IgG which are responsible for allergies and infections. The mice had a increase of cytokines which are also associated with allergic and inflammatory responses. Now in humans this increase of cytokines, would result in arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, MS and even cancer!

Elevated interleukins Associations
IL-6 Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, various types of cancer (multiple myeloma and prostate cancer)
IL-13 Allergy, allergic rhinitis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)
MIP-1b Autoimmune disease and colitis.
IL-12p70 Inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis

Young mice in this study also had a elevated amount of T cells, but when increased in children this resulted in asthma, a rise of food allergies, juvenile arthritis and even connective tissue diseases. The same BT corn that was fed to mice, it produced the same BT Toxic in women and their babies.. So no matter if an animal or a human eats this toxic corn, they will end up with a series of problems that will be passed through their genetics! Even when rats were fed another variety of Monsanto’s corn called MON 863, they still resulted in problems.. They found a increase of basophils, lymphocytes, and even white blood cells. Further resulting in more allergies, infections, toxins and other life-threatening diseases! There was also signs of toxicity within the liver and the kidneys.

Natural Bt is dangerous

Farmers have used the toxic BT soil bacteria as a ‘natural pesticide’ for years. But when it’s sprayed on the plant, it eventually washes off and then it biodegrades in the sun. But the GM version has it already built-in; which means every plant cell has it’s own bottle of toxic roundup! This toxin doesn’t wash-off and now it’s consumed by people.. So in theory, this new plant has a thousand more times the concentration of the spray and the plant before it! Many companies ignore the difference between the GM toxin or the ‘natural version’ but they deem both as safe to use in the agriculture field. But it’s okay to be putting this toxin directly in our food but alternative studies show the exact opposite! When this ‘natural’ toxin was fed to mice, they had tissue damage and a immune response that was just as powerful as cholera toxin! Even farmers have shown a immune response to this toxic chemical..

The EPAs own expert on the Scientific Advisory Panel said: that these studies “suggest that Bt proteins could act as antigenic and allergenic sources.” But the EPA ignored these warnings. They also overlooked studies in Washington state and Vancouver which showed allergic and flu-like symptoms when they were exposed to this same spray..

Bt cotton linked to human allergies, animal deaths

Even in India, farmers are suffering from rashes, itches and other symptoms after coming into contact with GM cotton. Is it just a coincidence that thousands of farm laborers are suffering from the same allergic and flu-like symptoms as those in the Pacific Northwest just from handling genetically engineered cotton plants? According to records from doctors, hospitals and pharmacies workers are struggling with constant itching and raches. Some take daily antihistamines, in order to go to work everyday. Not to mention; thirteen buffalo mysteriously die in a small Indian village after grazing this newly planted BT cotton fields!

Since that incident many other animals have died after harvest including thousands of sheep and goats. If they didn’t die, the animals got severely sick. This village never had a problem when they were growing natural cotton but soon as they switched to this GM cotton January 3rd, 2008; this is when all the problems began! There is no doubt in my mind that this new cotton is the problem of these mysterious deaths..

Living pesticide factories inside us?

Back to this BT toxin that has been circulation through the blood of Americans.. Now how did this toxin get into our bodies? The author of the study speculates that it was consumed in our normal diets without us even knowing! They also claim that this toxin also may have came from eating meat from animals that have been fed this BT corn as which most livestock are! The only human feeding study that was ever published on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was conducted on ‘Roundup Ready’ soybeans. Scientists found the same bacteria growing in a chemical waste dump near their factory. It normal herbicide it normally kills the bacteria but in this organism it had a special gene which allowed it to survive. The Monsanto’s scientists figured out that we should put this in our food supply!

So by forcing this ‘special’ gene into soybean plants DNA, the plants then could survive from the deadly dose of Roundup herbicide.. In this human study, some of the subjects were found to have this same roundup ready bacteria within their stomach! This means that eating at least one GM crop, will cause this bacteria to grow within your intestines and probably still to this day it’s still functioning.. So after a couple years after of not eating GMOs this dangerous protein is still inside us! Our digestive systems are now a living pesticide which is continually manufacturing this BT toxin.. But there was a Canadian study that showed these BT toxins were found in a very high percentage of people.

So if this ‘Living Pesticide Factory’ hypothesis is correct; is this toxin damaging the integrity of our digestive tracts? I mean if it breaks apart the stomach of bugs, imagine what it’s doing to our insides? But companies insist that this BT toxin doesn’t interact with our intestinal walls. But a alternative study has published evidence that shows that his BT toxin does bind with the small intestines of mice and even monkeys. They also found out that it changes the electrophysiological properties of the organ after the BT toxin came into the contact with the body!

Now if this BT toxin is causing ‘leaky gut’ syndrom in newborns and adults; this passage of undigested foods and toxins into the blood from the intestines which could be devastating. Now is this toxin causing even more problems in newborns? Such as serious cognitive problems, autism, autoimmune diseases and even food allergies.. Since this toxin is colonizing bacteria in our digestive tract, it means that we will see the increase of gastrointestinal problems of Americans within the next couple years. Physicians are also stating that they have been seeing a increase of such disorders in Americans since 1996. Which proves that these GMOs are affecting us in ways that Monsanto and other companies are not telling us! We are pushing for an entire ban on GM goods.. More research is needed to prove that this stuff is nothing but toxic crap! Try to stay away GMOs lets protest against Monsanto! They are destroying our future and our food supply.. If you would like to add more information to this post please email me at