Traffic Cameras: Government Surveillance?

Well recently my town and many other surrounding. towns have been installing these new “Traffic Control Cameras” What ever that means… The lights take just as long and that camera on the top doesn’t do nothing but keep an eye on you. What a perfect way to track people by getting their license plate, picture/video and your location. Almost ever traffic light has these cameras on the top of it, but where do these wires lead? To one central database (Super-computer) which gets processed, saved and reviewed. Now next time you seen one of these cameras look where it is pointed. Not at the intersection; Right at your car! Now I found this article below which explains what these cameras could do….

Even the most law-abiding driver might feel a shiver down the spine when spotting this speed camera at the roadside.

For as well as detecting speeding, it is packed with gizmos that check number plates to make sure insurance and taxes are up to date.

It also measures the distance between vehicles to spot tailgating and takes pictures of the inside of the car – to make sure you are wearing a seat belt.

Daily-Mail UK

At least in the United States there are not too many speed cameras (well not yet) but they have the technology already set up; they just have to make it official and start catching offenders so it can give the police more time to write speeding tickets and to enforce other nonsense laws. This is just a stepping stone into the Orwellian type society. Red light cameras are a totally different animal compared to these cameras on-top of the traffic lights. It’s a part of a much bigger system of government surveillance.

Big Brother is watching for sure! A couple months ago there was a story about a college student who found an FBI Tracker on the bottom of his car and when he took it off, a FBI showed up to his house and demanded the device back. It looked like a small cylinder device that had an antenna. Why is the government tracking people? Why go through so much trouble? It’s because they are scared of you and me. Scared of us screwing up their master plan of Martial Law and complete control of every citizen!

If you can view some these cameras online imagine what the government could see.. They could zoom, save photos, record and possibly get your entire personal information.The government has so much technology it’s scary! Let us put a stop to this privacy breach! Protest these cameras, write to your local state wishing to ban this technology to save money if the state is so broke? (There has been states where the cameras cost more to run than they are getting in violations) In other words it’s not even worth to keep cameras in operation. They also helicopters to catch people speeding now does that seem like a lot trouble to write one ticket? The police make fake arrests and write fake tickets because it’s a much easier way of justifying their job.

I have been a victim of police corruption before.. One day I was going home and there was a robbery up the street. I passed a cop doing the speed limit and then I noticed he was following me. Now my driveway is pretty long at least 50ft, I parked at the top and then I see this cop coming up as I’m walking into a gated fence with a dog. He proceeds to ask me questions, tells me I was speeding and grabs me. He pulled me back to my car and kept asking for my license and to look in my car. I refused but he claimed he was going to arrest me and have my car towed. He gave me a reckless driving ticket. What a crock of shit! The court ended up dropping it because they called him on his cell phone and he immediately changed his story. So DO NOT TRUST POLICE! You know how they say Anything Can or Will Be Used Against You In A Court of Law. Well that should let you know, not to tell a cop ANYTHING! They will only use it against you but not to help your case in a court of law.

Big Brother and Big Sis are out there watching you, listening to you and soon to be controlling you! Your neighbors could be big brother, your doctor, your boss, and anyone else around you! big. Homeland Security has already partnered with many towns since 2002. So where ever you are in the United States, You can be tracked with only a mere suspicion that you could be a terrorist as claimed by the U.S Government! Now they don’t even need to read your Miranda rights because the Government has stripped terrorists and criminals of their basic rights. A Jail state will be the next round of insanity. Corporations already own most of the prisons and you will be traded on the stock market like a herd of cows. Wake Up America!!

UPDATE: Since this article has been online a friend of mine contacted me to let me know a experience that happened to two of his friends.. They were stopped at a traffic light with one of these cameras and they were talking on the phone which is illegal in our state. A cop was “dispatched” and gave her a ticket for talking on the phone. The same thing happened to the other person but it’s weird how the camera could be used as a weapon against you when your stopped at a light.