Travail – Dawn of a New Day: A Controversial Truth Movie

I Recently came across this very interesting movie which is highly controversial truth movie; it’s called Travail: Dawn of a New Day which is directed by Raymond Deane. The film is about the Illuminati and the New World Order connection to racism, the 9/11 coverup, depopulation and much more! They are calling the director of this movie “The Quentin Tarantino of the Truth Movement” which is true because of the interesting and informative topics within this movie. I’m excited to see this movie for myself and it will premier in New York City very soon. (Stay Tuned For Details) The filming and budget of this movie looks amazing and for once someone has came out with a full length movie (not a documentary) explaining the true corruption of the society we live in! Here is the trailer/description for the movie: (Graphic)

Raymond Deane’s Travail “Dawn of a New Day” is the first installment of the franchise’s suspense trilogy based on very disturbing & shocking true events including the truth behind chemtrails in the sky, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Illuminati, new world order, the truth behind Sean Bell’s murder, satanic rituals, the Vatican conspiracy, hip hop controlled by the Illuminati, racism, the origins of religion, slavery & much more. This is the first film ever to cover these controversial topics and subject matter into a stylized cinematic feature film.

Please visit their website : for updates about the film and other press releases.. A lot of people have been talking about this film and here is what they had to say:

Musical Movement, Futuristic Lingo Become Instant Fans Of Travail “Dawn Of A New Day”

Music Producing Group Track4Mers Says “Travail Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat Begging You For More!”

Sons Of Liberty Academy, Chris Duane Says “Raymond Deane Is The Quentin Tarantino Of The Truth Movement”

Jiggybox Tv Calls “Travail” Sinister And Thought Provoking!

The Official Trailer To Travail Is Featured On Casino Royale Star Actress Eva Green’S Official Fan Website

Radio Personality & Journalist Ms. Drama Calls Travail “Insightful And Thought Provoking, A Must See!” Calls Travail “A Real Eye Opener For The Urban Society!”

Michael J. Cheung; Manager For R&b Group Ahmir Says Travail Will Never Let You Look At This Country The Same

Executive Producer Chad Troutwine Says Travail “Grabs You By The Collar And Doesn’T Let Go!”

Jay Walker, Ceo Of Dimepiece Magazine Calls Travail “Something The Urban Communities As Well As The World Needs To See!”

Streets Smart Magazine Calls Travail “Dawn Of A New Day” The Start Of Our Awaking!”

Dj Fadelf Calls Travail “Dawn Of A New Day” Graphic, But Very True!

Pop Recording Artist Jet Phynx & Brawdway Call Travail “A Thrilling Conspiracy Movie” !

Boston International Film Festival’S Donna Lawson Calls Travail Powerful!

International Supermodel Farah Zulaikha Calls Travail Phenomenal!

Rapper Mims Says Travail “Dawn Of A New Day” Keeps It All The Way Real!

Hot 97′s Own Dj Spynfo Says “Travail” Delivers A Real Feel Approach To All The Characters Personalities!

Dr. Oz’S Personal Trainer, Donovan Green Say’S Travail “Really Hits The Issues”

American R&b And Soul Singer, Songwriter, And Record Producer Tony Williams Foresees “Travail” As An Instant Classic Film

Ill update this page with more information as it becomes available. It’s going to be a great movie and I can’t wait to watch it because it might actually open the eyes of average citizens who believe everything the government says! Maybe more people will protest the system instead of giving in.. So far from the trailer, I can tell you that this will be way better than any Alex Jones film! Make sure you tell your friends and family about Travail – Dawn of a New Day.