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Check Your Trunk For A Black Tracking Device..

Recently I came across this interesting forum post on a car website… He found this interesting ‘black box’ in the back of this car that was plugged into his cigarette lighter.. Here is a quote from his forum post: “I recently found this black box thing plugged into the power socket in the trunk of my car. Not to sure what it is or where it came from.” Now it’s interesting that he doesn’t know where it came from! Could have someone came to his house in the middle of the night and put it in his car? I tried googling about this box and I couldn’t find anything about it online.. Here are some photos of the box:

Now that’s the outside of the box.. It even has a serial number and a reset button! Now this is where it gets interesting.. He decided to open the box up and see what’s inside. He found out that there was a stripped-down Boost Mobile phone inside. It has no numbers or battery! Now I wonder what you would find if turned on the phone.. I want to know who it belongs too.. Maybe the government? A lot of people on the forum were joking about the FBI and Black Helicopters.. I don’t think it’s a joke.. Could this guy and others being watched by this simple black box? Here are some pictures of it opened:

Now that’s pretty creepy! The strangest thing of all is that the original poster of the topic hasn’t reposted a single thing within the past couple days? Does that mean he was kidnapped or something? Did he let the “cat out of the bag?” Looking on the internet with the serial numbers and the description of this device, returned nothing.. I think this is going to be come a future occurrence, so watch out! Do you remember this story?: Caught Spying on Student, FBI Demands GPS Tracker Back The FBI and our Government use tracking devices on citizens… So remember Big Brother is probably watching you!!