Top Secret Annunaki / Illuminati Info Leaked?

The below information is archived from a top secret organization or as you might know, a secret society of the freemasonry/Illuminati brotherhood. The website has been offline for a good amount of time but someone has saved the interesting information in the form of pictures from the website.

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Below is the Brzezinski image that surfaced to discredit this info, note S.A.A.L.M logo is missing. What deception has taken place here? Which one is fake?


We know the new direction to secure America has been creating a phony war on terror so that they could send all the USA’s best troops and equipment to Iraq and Afghanistan to be decimated and no longer available to defend America from the foreign troops who are going to take the guns and put the dissidents into mind-control re-education camps. All the while bankrupting the economy in order to pave the way for a one world currency and the ‘mark of the beast’ now to be ushered in by Obama, who is by the way, Evelyn Rothschild’s number one sock puppet, and as well, the Antichrist of Revelation 13.











An interesting excerpt from Linda’s website regarding the Annunaki interest in the new DNA.

The January 29, 2007 conversation:

At that time, I heard two men, who were speaking in my living room. I was lying on my couch and in the Spirit, busily working with the DNA as the DNA was cleaning “stuff” out of my body, which Satan and the humans had put in the night before. On hearing them speaking, I asked our Father to let me see them; and He opened my eyes to behold a “giant” of a man! The first thing, which caught my eye about this “giant” was a huge ring on the ring finger of his left hand. It radiated a bright light; and from there I saw that this “giant” of a man was dressed in a cream colored suit. He had brought a chair with him, which had arms, but no back and he was seated on this chair. He was speaking with a human, a highly decorated military officer; and alongside the giant, this man looked like a child. I knew that if this giant stood up, his head would go out the roof of my living room, this roof being about eight feet tall; and later, I would see that this was indeed so.

The two of them were watching the new DNA as it worked and cleaned out my body! Then, I heard the “giant” say to the highly decorated military man, “I had no idea! We had received reports, but had not idea that it (the DNA) was anything like this! This will make them equal to us! Every one of them must be destroyed!”

Then, the highly decorated man said to this giant, “This is the only one we know of; but we are unable to kill her! We know that Yahweh will soon take his; and he will send others back! (like me!)

Then, the giant said, “We cannot get our ships through! Yahweh has as many as a million, if not two million craft out there! He blocks us in every way! We expect to lose two thirds of our people and possibly three, or more moons. (in the close transit to the sun!) We have contacted Yahweh and have asked him to let us through, but there is stone silence!”

Then, the giant went on to say, “Does she usually hear what is said?” The highly decorated military man said, “No!’ To which the giant said, “Well, she does now!”

My Dear Ones, I would later find out that this giant is the King of The Annunaki and his name if ANU!! He has been around for a very long time! I have seen his name mentioned over and over in the writings of the ancient Sumerians! Most recently, I heard the words, “There will be no more place found for Anu as King of the Annunaki!” Surely, these words came from the Spirit of God; for at some point, and soon, I believe that this evil king will go to the burning pits!

The Second Annunaki Conversation:

February 20, 2007

I had been working very hard in the Spirit, perhaps for eight or nine hours, almost straight, when I drifted off to sleep, but for perhaps only ten or fifteen minutes! When I awoke, I sensed a presence in the room and I “looked” in the Spirit to see two very tall men, one taller than the other! But, they were not only tall! They were huge! They were giants!

I recognized the man, who was on the left, the one, who was dressed in the cream colored suit. He had white hair and light-colored eyes! I immediately saw the huge, brilliant stone on his left “ring” finger and the mass of white hair on his head! I did not pay much attention to the second person, as the first one, the huge giant began to speak to me; for he knew that I could see them both!

The giant said to me, “What do you want from us?” I replied, “I want nothing from you!” Then, he said, “But, you have a new DNA and through this new DNA, which is similar to ours, you will be like us!” I said, “Who are you?” And, he said, “Anu!”

Then, I said, “This (new DNA) is our Father Yahweh’s choice, to bless the righteous humans, to bless those, who choose to do right with their lives; and it is only right for it to be so! For, these should not have to continue to be slaves for all of you when they have chosen righteousness! You must cease to choose evil! You will not be blessed as long as you choose evil! All of you must repent of your evil ways! I wish you no harm, no harm at all; but look what you have done to me! You have done a terrible thing and I have done nothing to harm you!”