The Truth About Acne and how Big Pharma Is Making Billions

acneAcne is a billion dollar industry to the pharmaceutical companies. If acne was cured the pharmaceutical industry would suffer a huge revenue loss. If the pharmaceutical industry suffers a revenue loss they will have to answer to shareholders and their stocks will drop. The pharmaceuticals can influence our stock market and our economy as a whole. The pharmaceuticals pay our Federal Drug Association around 400 million a year. Not to mention other payoffs. Do you really think there is any incentive to find a cure for acne? No! This will be devastation to the companies and FDA. Now what is the cure for acne.

During my research i went through all different theories of what acne is. What i discovered is that acne is a sign. A sign that something is wrong with your body. You should not just treat the outside of your skin, but treat what is wrong on the inside of your body. You have something effecting your immune system and causing your body to release toxins through your skin.

There are many reasons for this. One your body may have an immune system breakdown because you have metal fillings in your teeth. This is very taxing and poisonous to your body. Not to mention this increases candida (yeast) within your body. This leads to and increase in parasites (mites) that feed on yeast and oil on your face. An Asian scientist found that 95% of people have mites on their skin. People with compromised immune systems can’t fight the parasites under the skin. These mites are very deep under the skin and at the base of the hair follicle.

That’s why scars tend to be very deep. All the acne products are just drying out the oil in the skin and starving the parasites under the skin. They eventually come back. Accutaine prevents oil production under the skin, this also starves the parasites and they die off to eventually come back again. Accutaine goes against the bodies natural ability to remove toxins through the skin. This is bad since the toxins will then just be recycled through the body and can go into the brain. Have you heard of people committing suicide while on accutaine? now you know why. To treat your acne you have to get healthy and get rid of everything that is compromising your immune system. Get rid of chemicals in your food and eat organic.

Do liver and kidney cleanses. Do parasite cleanses. Get rid of metal (amalgam) tooth fillings. Then get a parasite skin cream to kill the parasites or mites under the skin.

I’ve used demodex solutions and have a prescription for permethrin lotion which i ordered online through a Canada pharmacy.

I’ve also ordered and waiting to take the pill ivermectin which kills parasites under the skin. I’ve also used over the counter parasite killer of 1% permetherin sold as “Rid” in the pharmacies. It is sold to kill lice but works as a great skin cleanser to kill the mites under the skin.

You may see the little black dots that submerge from the parasites being killed. A good parasite killing moisterizer is emu oil and seabuckthorn oil. If you have cystic acne..after using these oils the cyst will soften and some of the mites can be coersed from the cysts. You may also want to make sure you dont increase your hormone levels since parasites feed on hormones.

Many of our beauty products contain chemicals that increase estrogen levels. This is the reason that Breast Cancer is skyrocketing at an allarming rate. You may want to change all your beauty products to organic producgts with out estrogen increasers such as parabans.

Get rid of flouride as flouride reaks havoc on your immune system. A good book to read on what to stay away from is Hulda Clark ‘s cure for all diseases book.

If you want to know the dangers of silver tooth fillings you can research hal huggins and read his books. He cures people with Multiple sclerosis and altzeimers by taking out their metal tooth fillings.

In conclusion, acne is a sign that your bodies immune system is being compromised. Everyone has parasites in their body at one time or another. People with acne have small parasites under the skin that have gone out of control.

If you want to believe what the doctors tell you then you may suffer a lifetime of bad skin. If you want to know that truth then listen to what I’m telling you and start to finally get cured.

Good luck.