Universal Background Check: Registration And Confiscation

ucheckBy Kurt Nimmo

Oklahoma Republic senator Tom Coburn knows that if a universal background check system is implemented it will eventually lead to registration of all firearms in the United States. Coburn is the main hurdle posited between Obama, his allies in Congress and the Democrat dream of America stripped of its historical right to own firearms.

In response to this snag, Obama has focused his attention on Coburn. According to The Hill, the president has so far called Coburn twice, but the senator has declined to provide details on the conversations.

Democrat Senator Charles Schumer – known as one the most fearsome opponents of Second Amendment rights in Congress – and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin are attempting to sidestep Coburn and have turned their attention to Illinois Republican Mark Kirk.

“Sen. Kirk is committed to finding a workable solution that gets a bipartisan bill,” Kirk’s spokesman Lance Trover said, The Hill reports. “The senator believes there is a workable solution for all sides.”

Democrats and “centrist” Republicans have reached a deal on providing law enforcement officialdom with the authority to prosecute gun trafficking and so-called straw purchases. The agreement signals the start of bipartisan negotiations that may ultimately result in passage of the centerpiece of Obama’s anti-firearms legislation – universal background checks by government bureaucrats.

Schumer has characterized government background checks as the “sweet spot” of the anti-Second Amendment agenda now rolling through Congress.

“It’s the fundamental building block of any serious gun violence prevention system,” Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, told the newspaper.

Time is of the essence for government gun-grabbers. On Thursday, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, plans to markup a number of anti-Second Amendment bills. Leahy delayed the process a week to give Schumer and Coburn time to negotiate. If they fail to reach an agreement by the end of markup, it may be difficult to move the universal background check legislation to the Senate floor for a vote.

Firearms registration invariably leads to confiscation

The term universal background check (UBC) is “nothing more than a euphemism for firearms and human registration,” the website AmmoLand.com explains. “The fact is we should be very fearful of this. We are talking not only about government having a record of everyone who owns guns (and WHICH guns), but of their creating a national data base of human beings with every aspect of your life included.”

Should a UBC be enacted either by people’s complacence, or firearm companies’ compliance, we will become the most surveilled society the world has ever seen. This effort will follow the same dangerous path that Hitler put into place, but will surpass it.

This type of legislation will lead to registration, which will be used for confiscation. An unarmed society is then at the mercy of those in power. If we learn from history, we know only one more inevitability can follow – extermination.