Gov secret: U.S. is building a mysterious underground facility in Israel

Israel's 'Iron Dome' Short-Range Missile Defense SystemBy: Barbie Crafts

A mysterious underground facility called “Site 911” is being planned by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The Washington Post reported on Feb. 22 that this project, first reported in November by Walter PIncus, will cost over $62 million.

Site 911 also includes six other buildings to be built above ground there on an air force base near Tel Aviv. The facility will have shock-resistant doors and protection from radiation. According to Walter Pincus in November, there are plans for classrooms on Level 1 and an auditorium on Level 3.

The Washington Post reports that only American firms can bid on the construction contracts, and the guards will only be Israeli Air Force veterans. There are even restrictions that will be placed on non-Israeli employees; they can only come from certain countries. Palestinian employees are forbidden.

Apparently, we won’t know the truth behind this government secret anytime soon. The Washington Post reports that a representative of the Pentagon says that only an IDF defense minister would be able to answer questions about the purpose of the facility.