USAHITMAN Has Major Updates For It’s Viewers

I have different approach to making internet users want to come to our website. I started with securing our website with a high-grade 2048 bit SSL certificate with high cipher standards along with a reverse proxy and other security measures which upgrade our servers from the easily spied http traffic from the NSA. We know; “Just because you have SSL doesn’t mean your protected” Yes remember the heart-bleed exploit, our servers were fix a day or two before it went public, some companies fixed it instantaneous. Nothing was exploited from the server, not like there is anything secure or important on this European server. I have generated new SSL certificates for the site, to make some people feel more secure. Internet security is a never ending job.

Now lets fast forward to April/May. I have been feeling very ‘not my self’ it maybe hard for you to understand. I just don’t have any energy to even stay awake very long through the day. I try to post articles daily, but as you know life happens and stuff needs to be taken care of. I don’t want people to think I have abandoned the website or they have beaten me up. Google has banned our website from their services, claiming it’s GORE/Violent Material. Which is completely absurd. They claim they have received action from someone to blacklist our website. Ill keep advertisements off the website for the sake of the readers but all Ill ask is for someone to donate something to help pay for the hosting which is not cheap. So all I ask is please help me host which has gotten censored from many hosts. Start the conversation about what we can do to change America. Ill try to post more articles!