US must invade Venezuela to scare Iran & N. Korea, Graham claims

Sen. Lindsey Graham has advised President Trump “put military force on the table” by invading Venezuela (and probably Cuba) so as to scare North Korea and Iran into doing what they’re instructed. What might probably go mistaken?

“Give Cuba an ultimatum – without Cuba, Maduro doesn’t last one day – tell Cuba to get out of Venezuela. Do what Reagan did in Grenada – put military force on the table!” Graham instructed a Fox News host, going from zero to invasion in ten seconds flat in response to a query about how Trump ought to deal with his international conflicts.

We want factors on the board,” the South Carolina senator insisted. “Start with your individual yard… Fix Venezuela and all people else will know you’re severe.” North Korea and Iran, he implied, would fall proper into line after Venezuela was put as a substitute.

While Graham paid lip service to the president’s non-military accomplishments, reluctantly congratulating him on slowing down North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, his recommendation didn’t embrace a lot by means of diplomacy: “When it comes to Rocketman, letters don’t matter anymore to me, it’s efficiency.” Graham notably known as for Trump to “finish the nuclear menace” mere hours after the president’s Hanoi summit with the North Korean chief collapsed.

Graham’s Monroe-doctrine-on-steroids patter isn’t precisely unfamiliar to these who’ve been following his bellicose ravings – the Republican senator dropped a Grenada reference simply final month as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ready to meet his US-backed would-be substitute Juan Guaido in Oslo for negotiations, maybe seeing his likelihood for a struggle in South America slipping away.

It’s straightforward to see why Graham would take such a fond view of Reagan’s bullheaded 1983 Grenada invasion. While it was universally condemned – the UN deemed it a “flagrant violation of worldwide regulation” by a vote of 108 to 9, and even UK PM Margaret Thatcher privately disapproved (although she backed her ally in public) – Americans supported the invasion, having been satisfied through a well-orchestrated propaganda marketing campaign that a number of hundred American medical college students on the island have been in mortal hazard below the island’s new authorities.

Reagan hoped the neat and tidy four-day invasion would shore up Americans’ religion in their very own army, which had been on a gentle downhill slide since Vietnam, and Graham seems to imagine the US would equally obtain a morale enhance from Venezuela, regardless of the apparent variations in inhabitants and army energy.