UFOlogist suggests Mayan Calendar scenario 20 May to 6 June 2012

In UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C. Waring highlights Jamie Maussan’s testimony that some kind of pivotal occasion for humanity is to consider place among 20 Could and 6 June 2012, based mostly upon a mindful interpretation of the crop circle pictogram which reveals a facsimile of the Mayan Calendar. But, what is the Mayan Calendar, or more exactly, what does it represent?

It may possibly be important for us, as people, to realize what the Mayan Calendar represents. It is arguably arrogant to presume that anything at all related to Mayan Calendar have to be some kind of elaborate hoax.

Jamie Maussan is a well-known investigative journalist in Mexico. Wikipedia refers to his winning of 14 awards. He has worked for such television displays as Mexico’s “60 Minutos” (“60 Minutes”). Mr. Maussan has become immersed in covering alien and UFO connected reports and phenomena.

The crop circle had appeared in Mexico. Mr. Maussan’s original report on the crop circle seems to have been made in Could 2007 according to Scott C. Waring’s report of UFO Sightings Every day.

UFO Sightings Day-to-day is an online publication coordinated by Scott C. Waring, who is a UFO researcher and writer. Mr. Waring had been affiliated with the United States Air Force (USAF) at SAC base (flight line). He at the moment owns an ESL College in Taiwan.

Mr. Waring described Mr. Maussan’s general evaluation of the crop circle.

“This prominent and globe popular UFOlogist has meticulously analyzed this crop circle finding a direct link to the May 20th 2012 Solar Eclipse and a life modifying phenomenon occurring on Earth.”

Mr. Waring elaborates on the symbolism of the crop circle.

“The centre of this crop circle is [portrays] when the sun and the earth are joined with each other.“

Mr. Waring suggests Mr. Maussan has linked his prediction of some kind of “life altering event” with the Mayan Calendar.

“People have been speaking about the year 2012 for a very lengthy time, with an ever widening variety of predictions and theories.”

Mr. Waring elaborated on Mr. Maussan’s insights.

“At this talk he spoke about a very huge crop circle discovered in Wiltshire, England and he additional posited the theory that the time window of 20th Might 2012 and 6th June 2012 was encoded in the design and style of the crop circle.”

Mr. Waring closes his elaboration with the following sober reflection.

“I do not know what will come about, but I guess we will all find out very soon.”

Possibly, but can any “good” come out of any predictions which “come true” that is associated with a ‘Calendar’ which allegedly predicts the Apocalypse, Armageddon, or “End of the world”?

Mr. Maussan associated the period in between 20 Could and 6 June 2012 as marking the prospective return of a Mayan alien overseer entity “Kukulkan”, aka Quetzalcoatl. Kukulkan was not the Mayan equivalent of “Santa Claus“, so we may want to rule out any predictions associated with finding presents.

Kukulkán was apparently the Toltec-Maya equivalent of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent entity. Human Sacrifice to this entity did apparently certainly occur. However, animal sacrifice was reportedly more in common. The excellent temple at Chichén Itzá was a reported centre of fairly visceral devotion to Kukulkán.

Wikipedia notes that “among the Lacandon Maya of Chiapas, Kukulkan is an evil, monstrous snake that is the pet of the sun god.”  Could the Mayan Crop circle we in search of to warn us, as people, about a Globe War III scenario precipitated by demonic archons on Earth?.

As people, our looking for of a critical appreciation of just who had been the Mayans, may extremely well be essential for averting a chain of events happening in 2012, that may possibly lead to an unspeakable international catastrophe. It appears that the Mayan civilization grew to become infiltrated as a result of inter-dimensional alien entities who came through a stargate that was allegedly opened up by the Nazis. This representation is based mostly on the representation of Alex Collier. He is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. These alien entitles then travelled back to alter human history. The ancient Pagan Gnostics ahead of the archon creation of the Bible, witnessed, and observed, the travelling back into time of the very same alien entities who had infiltrated the Mayans.

The insights of Dr. John Lash’s research into ancient Pagan Gnostic suggests that the archons were accountable for the creation of the Mayan Calendar. The Pagan Gnostics elaborated that the archons are inorganic reduced-dimensional entities. The archons seek to parasitize the soul-energy which people represents. Barbaric rituals of human sacrifices to an alien God by the Mayans constituted component of the parasitism/“vampirism” which Pagan Gnostics identified. Pagan Gnostics referred to the archons as “artificial man”. That is because the archons are soul-less entities with no empathy, which have a thoughts that primarily could be viewed to be a sophisticated computer system.

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