US vaping illnesses top 1,000; death count is up to 18

(Take notice of this intriguing ‘one eye’ feature exhibited on the majority of the cartridges. That grabbed my attention and caused me to think deeper.. Conspiracy or not?)

The amount of vaping-associated illnesses has surpassed 1,000, and there’s no indication the outbreak is evaporating, U.S. health officials stated Thursday.

Doctors state the illnesses, that appeared in March, resemble a Injury accident. Symptoms include acute, shortness of breath, fatigue, and chest discomfort. Most who got ill stated that they vaped products containing THC, the bud ingredient which results in a large, but some stated they vaped just nicotine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned ,080 confirmed and probable cases are reported in 48 states and one U.S. territory as of Tuesday afternoon. The count includes 18 deaths in 15 states.

More than a third of patients are under age 21, but the deaths have been older adults who apparently had more difficulty recovering.

Recently, 275 cases have been added to the tally each week, and about half of the newest batch were people hospitalized that the previous two weeks.

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