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USAHitman’s Website Was Under-Attack After Boston Bombing….

imagesDoes this sound familiar? Well if you have noticed our site has been on the fritz within the past week. This is because our posts mysteriously started disappearing, like someone was deleting files from the database.. Many of our viewers have expressed their concern, one suggestion was to keep .txt backups of all of our articles, which is completed but they’re still stored on my local machine. Ill set-up a location for these downloads. We have also moved the server to an east coast location along with extra security updates.. This week; you will notice our website will serve https:// pages for a secure connection to our database without the possibility of big brother eavesdropping on your experience. We all know CISPA has passed and this could be one of the reason of the sudden problems with our content. You know our website has been ‘censored’ about three times before…

A community forum and many other updates are coming to the website.. Please be patient, I’m a one man team and it’s hard updating the core site, and doing news updates as well.. Sorry for the issues and thanks for supporting our site in the truth movement. Please note: Reddit and others that support the freedom of speech, were also attacked using same method.. Who’s leading this attack? The Govt? Possibly; ill start tracing the IPs and posting them..