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USMC Vet Adam Kokesh Banned By Ron Paul Security; “Most-Wanted” Bulletin Issued

*** WARNING: The first hour of tonight’s episode contains profanity & will not be appropriate for children. Parental discretion is strongly advised. Due to the nature of the breaking news, as well as the intensity by which Pete Santilli delivered the breaking news he received 4 minutes prior to the live broadcast from Truth Correspondent Kristen Meghan from the floor of the Sun Dome at “P.A.U.L.-FEST” in Tampa, Florida, the episode was intentionally left raw and unedited. ***

During the 2nd hour, tonight’s featured guest Ben Swann from Reality Check was interviewed live in the midst of breaking news regarding Adam Kokesh. Ben Swann recently reported on the case of U.S. Marine Brandon Raub who was being held in a mental hospital in Virginia over Facebook posts. Mr. Swann describes the ridicule he received after he went on-air early on to report on facts surrounding the Raub case before he was actually released from custody. Although Ben humbly claims that his reporting had no influence on the Virginia Circuit Court’s ruling to release Raub, Pete gives praise to Ben Swann for his brave service to the United States as one of the last remaining member of the free press. Pete and Ben Swann talk about the Constitutional crisis in the USA; the need for passionate members of the liberty movement to learn how to organize “talking points” to further the message of saving our republic, as well as the urgent need to hold our public officials accountable to the rule of law and their oath of office.

The entire 1st hour is filled with comprehensive coverage of the breaking news regarding Adam Kokesh, and Ben Swann weighs in on the similarity between Kokesh’s and Raub’s story. Ben expresses his opinion that the problem of demonization of our nation’s combat veterans is wide spread; if not epidemic.

Adam Kokesh Banned By Ron Paul Security – Wanted Bulletin Circulated

At 5:56pm PST, 8:56pm PST, Kristen Meghan, Truth Correspondent for The Pete Santilli Show, filed a confirmed report from the floor of the Sun Dome at the “P.A.U.L.-FEST” in Tampa, Florida. Kristen is a credentialed independent reporter at PAUL-FEST 2012 and immediately forwarded a poster circulating among Ron Paul staffers/security:

The body text of the “WANTED” poster is not visible in this photo, but was confirmed and filed by Kristen Meghan as follows:

“This man is not allowed in The Sun Dome or after party. If you see him immediately call USF police at: 813-974-2628 and John Baeza, RP security at: 352-424-8177″

During the first hour, Pete Santilli calls the telephone numbers provided on the “MOST-WANTED” flyer during the LIVE broadcast. The first call to the USF POLICE was unsuccessfully transferred to “hold music” and Pete had to disconnect the call. Upon calling the 2nd telephone number on the flyer, he reached John Baeza’s cellphone voice mail and left a very impactful message. Santilli played audio from a YouTube post by Adam Kokesh titled “Veterans For Ron Paul might not march on RNC” which was uploaded on August 17, 2012. In the YouTube report, Adam Kokesh explains his justification for withdrawing his participation and endorsement of the Veterans for Ron Paul event which was scheduled to take place during the PAUL-FEST in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Kokesh carefully details the circumstances leading to his decision, and he expresses his heartfelt disappointment in the Ron Paul Campaign. In light of the news regarding Adam Kokesh being banned, and a Most-Wanted poster circulating at Paul-Fest, Pete plays almost the entire audio of Kokesh’s explanation of why he was cancelling the Veterans march. During the replay of the Adam Kokesh audio, Pete finally connects a call to Ron Paul’s security goon listed as the contact on the MOST-WANTED POSTER, Mr. John Baesa. When you listen to this call, you will become an instant fan of Pete, but plug your ears if you offended by language typically used by US Marines. THIS IS MUST HEAR AUDIO.

The theme of tonight’s show is if you “See Something —- don’t call Janet Napolitano—-call Pete Santilli”. Pete pleads with people who are “concerned” about their fellow citizen’s FaceBook posts should call their family and/or friends instead of the government.

Santilli states, “our families; friends and community members will take care of us better than the federal government authorities or local police; such as the ones who showed up to push Brandon Raub’s face into the pavement; throw him in cuffs; put him in a mental hospital, and shoved psycho-narcotics in his face. If you are really “concerned” about your friends and are too lazy to go help them, call their family or friends. If you can’t reach anyone, call your local Oathkeepers. If you still can’t reach someone, CALL ME! I will volunteer to come help decorated war veterans like Brandon Raub or Adam Kokesh at my own personal expense. Calling Janet Napolitano to come save your community will produce the same results as what happened to Brandon Raub — the loss of human dignity, constitutionally protected inalienable rights, and unlawful detention of military service members who have fought for our freedom.”

Pete declares himself a volunteer to assist fellow veterans & gives his number out to the audience. “If you See Something….Call Pete Santilli at 828-738-6588″. Santilli goes on to state that if people truly care about someone’s unstable, irrational revolutionary comments on Facebook, they shouldn’t maliciously call upon their tyrannical government to take away someone’s liberty & freedom. If all else fails, contact your local Oathkeepers who are much more caring about their fellow Veterans than the unconstitutional police state.