Vanishing & Reappearing Objects?

I found this website with a huge database of people’s accounts of this weird phenomena. I can tell you that this his happened to me a bunch of times! Now here are some of the stories:

I needed a roll of toilet paper, so I took an unopened 4-pack from the top shelf of my hall closet. It was one of those packages that are stacked two-high, two rolls on the bottom and two on the top. The pack was full. All four rolls were in it, and it was tightly sealed.

I used my thumb to poke a hole in the cellophane between the two top rolls, then started trying to tear the wrapper so I could get a roll out. I was holding the pack in my left hand and trying to remove the roll on the top closest to my right hand. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back, that roll had vanished. I was left with three rolls instead of four, and I still had to fight to make the hole big enough to remove one of the three remaining rolls.

I have never come across the missing roll. While this was happening, I never moved from the spot in which I had been standing when I first poked the hole in the package. It’s kind of hard to misplace a roll of toilet paper, but to this day, that missing roll has never turned up.

It’s not the first thing that’s gone missing from my house for no apparent reason, but it’s the first time something ever vanished from my hands while I was holding it.

So it was a normal Friday night cooking tea as the last bit of cooking needed doing i lay the table getting all the condiments out the cupboard salt pepper e.t.c

After dinner i put them all back in as normal clearing away ritual. the next evening i did the same thing to find the salt not in the cupboard anymore mmmm strange i thought so i looked everywhere ( in the presence of my husband and my 4 children) and it was nowhere to be seen. the next day i sent my daughter up to the shop to buy some more to cook the Sunday dinner as i still hadn’t found it. and as the kitchen was starting to heat up i partially opened the top window . when wed finished eating my husband took the kids for a bath and then bed and i started cleaning through downstairs ready for the new week ahead when id finished i went upstairs for a bath and then came down and went straight into the kitchen to make a drink as i was in there my husband asked if i could shut the back door as it was getting a bit cold and i told him it wasn’t open then automatically looked up at the window i stopped dead in my tracks there was the missing salt directly above the new one id bought on the window sill, placed on the opening of the window and the frame???? i automatically blamed my husband for trying to freak me out but when i called him to show him and after 10 years together can tell when hes lying i have no other explanation for it i stood in front of that window the best part of 4 hours off and on and even opened it earlier i just have no clue as to how it got there.

So, this is the second time of an object disappearing and appearing. It was 5am and I was doing the dishes and noticed the bottle brush missing. It is always at the sink. I asked my husband if he took it and he said no. I then proceeded to clean up and actually took the dish rag and wiped all around the sink and on top where the brush would be. As I turned to get the cat’s water bowl to wash and came back to the sink the bottle brush appeared and It was as if it materialized. This happened to me 30 years ago in my childhood home with a wooden jewelry box except I saw the jewelry box come down from midair and land on my bureau. Okay whose ghost is in my house?

I’ve experienced three different cases of dropped objects disappearing over the past 10 ~ 15 years, plus one possible case from over 50 years ago:

1) I dropped a screw from an outlet cover I was installing and I was never able to find it. I heard it hit the carpet (not shag) and then it was gone. I searched everywhere (including pants cuffs, pockets etc.) and finally used a powerful magnet and vacuum cleaner, but never found it.

2) I dropped a pill on the kitchen table. It fell only a couple inches into the area of the table were several pill bottles were kept. I immediately looked for it, removing all the bottles and everything else on the table. It was simply gone!

3) The third object was a small round cosmetic container about and inch and a half in diameter and an inch tall. It was in the outside pocket of the shoulder bag I carry books in. I was in the restroom at work with bag on the counter near the sink. I went into the pocket for something else and accidentally dragged the container out in the process. I heard it hit the floor, but didn’t hear it roll or bounce anywhere else. I immediately reached down to pick it up and it wasn’t there! I searched everywhere in the restroom and never found it. Since this was the third time for me, I assumed it was just another case of dropping something and having it go “somewhere else”. The fact that this object was of quite a bit more mass than a screw or pill has me concerned though. After reading some of the stories of others, from this point on I’ll be very careful not to drop things such as my keys, wallet or cell phone.

4) The forth case happened so long ago and at such an early age that I cannot absolutely attribute it to this phenomenon. I was 3 or 4 years old and lost the rubber tire off of a small toy bus I was playing with. I dropped it trying to put it back on and was never able to find it. It fell on the concrete sidewalk where I was playing and then bounced or rolled into the grass. I literally tore the grass out searching for it and never found it. Even though I don’t remember much else from that time (about 55 years ago), I still remember how long I looked and how disappointed I was at never finding the rubber tire.

Enough of the stories but if you would like to read more, click this link here . There are thousands of stories on that website which claim that these objects have disappeared completely or they returned at a random time. Could this be a ghost story? Could it be an alternative universe that is taking these items? Or is it that all the these people are crazy or just so happen to misplace something? If you have any experience with this, please comment below.