Will ‘Anonymous’ Bomb Threat Throw Election for Obama?

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

A You Tube threat to bomb a government building along with a plan by other members of ‘Anonymous’ to storm the White House and Congress in an attempt to arrest government officials the day before the presidential election could provide the right crisis for Barack Obama to secure a second term.

A video uploaded to You Tube features a masked individual claiming to represent the hacking collective ‘Anonymous’ stating that, “200 kilograms of composite Nitroglycerin and commercial explosives have effectively been concealed in a government building, situated in the United States of America.”

The individual adds that, “On the 5th of November 2012 the device will detonate remotely via the transmission control protocol, leaving behind severe consequences.”

The video is clearly an attempt to portray ‘Anonymous’ as a violent threat. The You Tube account responsible for uploading the clip was only created six days ago and immediately began uploading other Anonymous videos in an effort to associate itself with the hacktivist collective. You Tube has allowed the video to remain online without taking it down for over two days when far less obscene content is routinely censored within hours.

It is important to stress that other members of Anonymous have issued statements such as this one distancing themselves from the bomb threat. Other ‘Anonymous’ members have claimed the You Tube account is a deliberate fake meant to discredit the group, which is entirely plausible.

However, the bomb threat coincides with another ‘Anonymous’ event scheduled for November 5th during which Anonymous members will attempt to “arrest all members of congress, the president, and all supreme court justices where they will be held without bond until a full independent investigation and trial have been completed.”

“We must re-elect our government within 90 days in order to stave of unrest,” the website adds.

In the FAQ section of the website for the event, the organizers make it clear that they will be unarmed but are expecting violence and are willing to be shot dead.

“We are not suggesting that we not ever fight back in the face of violence. We are merely suggesting that this action remain peaceful until the government becomes violent and begins arresting or shooting the people,” states the website.

Promotional material for the event draws its inspiration from the ending of V For Vendetta, the movie which concludes with mask-wearing crowds marching on the Houses of Parliament in London before they are bombed. November 5 is of course the date of the historical Gunpowder Plot, in which Guy Fawkes and his cohorts conspired to kill King James before their plot was foiled.

The Twitter account for the event makes it clear, “This is not a Protest! This is a Citizen Action.”

This plan to storm government buildings and arrest Obama along with other officials has been public since at least June. It is inconceivable that the people pushing this event have not been completely infiltrated by the federal government by this point.

The likelihood that the group is being provocateured by the feds is particularly sobering given the fact that the FBI has been caught running virtually every domestic terror plot within the United States since 9/11, including the recent plot targeting the Federal Reserve building in Manhattan.

Infowars also predicted that the Hutaree militia, characterized by the media as domestic terrorists, had also been infiltrated and provocateured by the feds, which was later proven to be the case.

Our office has been visited by the FBI and some of our listeners questioned by the Secret Service for making relatively mild comments on the Internet in comparison to the threat to storm and bomb government buildings, as the video and the ‘Anonymous’ event are promoting.

If Alex Jones started making bomb threats and encouraging his listeners to storm the White House and arrest Obama, Jones himself would be arrested within hours, yet this event has been public for months and the feds have done nothing to intercept it.

To think that this entire event hasn’t been completely infiltrated by the feds is beyond naive, which is why we urge people not to take part in it.

The event is so loosely organized that specific times and details of actions are unlisted. This is par for the course with Anonymous, which as a collection of individuals with no organizational structure is incredibly easy to be infiltrated and used by the authorities as a “cut-out” organization. Numerous former Anonymous members have gone public to confirm that the group is completely infiltrated by the FBI and is used to stage attacks.

The event is also being promoted by individuals known to put out misleading information. Back in 2009 it emerged that white supremacist radio host Hal Turner was an FBI operative who was being paid by the feds to “publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest.”

We see a similar theme emerging with this ‘Anonymous’ event. It sounds like a trap to sucker in well-meaning activists and make it easy for the authorities to link them with violence. The individuals pushing the event are also trying to affiliate themselves with the Oath Keepers, a non-violent group of former police and military service members who are routinely demonized by the establishment as an extremist organization.

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