Please Wake Up America and Tell Your Friends!

We all know that America is on the wrong track.. You should already know that our Government doesn’t care about you! We are loosing more freedoms everyday and it’s only going to get worse.. Maybe if Ron Paul becomes the President in 2012, everything could do a entire 180. I know ill be voting for him because he is the only one that supports the citizens and their rights! Below is just a simple list of the problems that came to my head.. Stand up against the powers that deprive you of a simple and happy life!! We as Americans are getting pissed and we can’t take this way of life much longer! 10 Things That Came To My Mind In 10 Seconds:

#1 Our Government Removes God/Religion From All Public Places Including Federal Buildings… But yet “In God We Trust” is still on our Dollar!

#2 We are forced to accept this new Electronic Voting System.. Many people have reported issues with this system and it’s really simple to falsify votes.. Not like we pick the President anyway!

#3 Most Presidents have been engaged with Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons which will destroy the world as we know it! There are many alternatives to these dangerous power sources such as; Windmills, Solar, etc… And No Nation Should Have Weapons Of Mass-Destruction!

#4 The Space Program spends billions each year to supply the International Space Stations with parts and supplies. They never asked the American people to vote for this expensive experiment.. Not like NASA ever discloses any information about Aliens or other Earth-like planets which could be used in the future!

#5 Obama comes out of NOWHERE.. He won the election and tells us ‘Change We Can Believe In’ But what change have you seen so far? We were lied to by Bush, he said our economy was strong and he also destroyed the balanced budget that from the Clinton Administration. He leaves office with a False Flag attack on America and their civil liberties but the thing that tops the cake is the multi-billion dollar bailouts that was handed out to the corrupt bankers of America! And it only continues with Obama…

#6 The US Military has been stationed in Iraq for almost 10 years already and we kill both innocent men and women for no apparent reason! We already have hundreds of established military bases in foreign countries.. We are the policing the world and it should not be our job!

#7 Our jobs are leaving this country. We are sending them over to China, India, etc.. and no one even cares. They work for much less and they get way more done! The problem is that many young people, which are getting out of school and have no place to go. They are left with these student loans and have no way to pay them back. Many people find themselves doing something else rather than their carrer choice because of this crappy economy…

#8 We are living in a complete Police State! Forget about doing anything anymore, you cant even go driving a mile without a cop getting behind you and looking for violations. If you have to go to the bathroom really bad and decided to go outside; you might find yourself of the Sex Offenders List! Our law books have gotten so big over the years it’s pretty much impossible to know if your doing something illegal..

#9 You can’t expect to have you Civil Rights anymore. The government deems people as ‘terrorists’ if they believe in the Constitution.. I know it sounds crazy but it’s not! Who knows if that paper even exists anymore; Our government doesn’t care about the citizens anymore! It’s ran by the corporations and the wealthy elite; and your their slave!

#10 All the above is nothing but a rant.. But I can tell you that our economy will be collapsing soon, our food supply is almost non-existant (If you include the Toxic Chemicals and GM Crops). They are spraying chemicals on citizens, creating viruses, denying people healthcare, forget about life, liberty and prosperity! In todays world it’s almost impossible to survive. Your job doesn’t pay you enough, the IRS takes most of your money, the government doesn’t want to help you and the worst part of all this is that it’s only going to get worse. Why don’t we all stand up and say enough is enough! We can’t live like this anymore.. Remember this: “The Greatest Slave Is One, Who Believes He Is Free” Now that’s the truth. America is an Illusion.. We are not free! If we didn’t have any money; We Would All Be Rich! If we didn’t have a government; We wouldn’t have to work or vote! If we didn’t have to do anything; we could focus on the important things in life: Love, Happiness, Health and Enjoying the small amount of time that we have on this magical world which still can’t be explained by science!