Where Are We Now? – The Awakening

conscious_universe304_01Wow – big question, but not really if we look within and get simply truthful.

Admittedly not easy in this current social environment with all the imposed insanities but let’s give it a try.

I’ve been a little quiet of late, for many reasons. I’ve had a big change in my life since moving to a third world country. Everyone’s been so welcoming it’s exposed a lot in myself. I didn’t realize how defensive I had become in the US. People always had their guard up and apparently I was akin to that attitude more than I realized.

It’s so much less here, but you have to discover what underlies the surface of their reactions as well. It too can be superficial and has its own level of societal fears and hang-ups of course. It’s just so much simpler, more like a time or dimensional change than just relocation.

It reminds me of my youth when things were so much simpler.

Things Change

The vibrational change is quite profound. Feelings and perceptions alter in the most subtle of ways. But I get it. It’s at a frequency I needed to learn to tune into it and let my previous patterns go in my new environment.

I’ve also realized I’ve been carrying quite a bit of worry and concern – concerns about our kids, about the rapidly deteriorating world condition, and most of all its coming effects and implications on humanity. I have a propensity to worry but this change is allowing me to peel back more layers without the electrosmog, uptight American vibe, and cultural insanity of the States to keep interfering with everything.

I like it. It’s not easy at times, but we’re learning and that’s what’s important.

The language challenge is everywhere as well – difficult, yet fun. It’s laborious to communicate yet so very rewarding with the gush of connectivity you soon access in such wonderful salt of the earth people. Enjoying your family and friends and getting food on the table is all that concerns so many who reside in humbler areas outside the spoiled US.

Most striking is the lack of fear. Children play freely in the streets and walk to their destinations without all the staged paranoia of the west. Even the dogs are happier, roaming freely and going about their business of playing with each other and their owners.

The contrast to hyper controlled and regimented America is stunning and takes some easing into, but is oh so welcoming.

So… Where Are We Now?

That’s quite relative, in basic reality. I’m of course referring to the big picture. But it ultimately depends on what information people receive.

For the awake and aware we’re on the brink of a major calamity and need to speak up louder and more clearly than ever. The Orwellian State is being deployed at breakneck speed and we need to respond and prepare accordingly. A daily pressure for any awakened soul.

The bigger question is, where are YOU now in the midst of all this unraveling insanity?

I’m in a new place and learning a lot daily as a result of making the leap. I’ve taken the steps I knew I had to take at this time in my life to get to this next stage. From here I don’t know what Universe has for me but I’m open and keeping my energies focused where they’re led and mostly on how I can continue to have maximum effect.

All this while avoiding what I would consider a massive trap being set inside the US and their sycophant allies.

That’s just me. I’m only one.

I understand some can’t move physically nor might they be called to in order to escape the Amerikan gulag, but we can prepare in every possible way to help the awakening.

The biggee, besides understanding the significance of what is transpiring on our planet right now, is preparing for what is steamrolling straight at us while continuing to sound the alarm.

Are you Prepared for the Collapse of the Western world?

Are you prepared for an authoritarian police state that will accept no excuses?

For me, leaving the US is what I felt led to do in order to avoid the obvious inundation of calamity coming to such an off course nation as the crazed, militarized US, which is clearly being targeted for destruction.

If you truly know something and don’t respond to it for whatever reason, you are doomed to your own resignation and inability to act.

If someone can’t read the signs of the times now they pretty much will have to go through what’s coming on the defensive and it won’t be pretty. The wake-up takes many forms depending on one’s state of awareness and consciousness and willingness to act on what they learn. So it is now.

Those reading this are aware of this truth. If this isn’t making sense to you then you have some waking up to do.

Where and Prepare

Being outside the US isn’t necessarily the solution for everyone, although thousands are fleeing as we speak for these very reasons.

Each has to be where their conviction lies. That the US so-called government is cracking down on “hoarders” and “preppers” should be a pretty clear signal of what Americans are up against, never mind the total loss of personal liberties.

To go after people for preparing for coming shortages is barbaric and completely shows their fascist intent to subdue the American people.

Each day some new truth surfaces, such as the NSA spying – which anyone half awake already knew, but they’re playing into the mainstream now to get everyone’s acceptance of “oh, that’s just how it is now and it must be needed” which seems to be the American default setting.

Even stranger are the latest revelations that Homeland Security has secret assassination hit squads and Russian security forces are to be used at US events.

These are so over the top people hardly stop to notice how absolutely Orwellian their world has become. It’s too painful, so they think. Wait until it executes the clampdown, that’s when painful comes home to roost.

We’re up against a very nasty bunch of fascists, evidenced by their baseless invasion and mass murder of the middle eastern countries they’ve ravaged and the massive loss of personal liberties in the very land they say they’re protecting.

So prepare we must! The situation is code red or however you want to picture it.

Don’t blow off your intuition! Act on it! And get your loved ones on it!

How Many Americans Are Officially Boiled?

The news is rife with announcements of more controls.

The fabricated “terrorist” meme is working its magic and they are glorying in it. That it is passing without an American revolt is the most massive statement of their dominion anyone could conceive of.

It seems the,

…have just about succeeded.

But will they? Not too quick, Bucko. While their purpose is always control and Americans appear to be toast, the wild card is the indomitable human spirit.

Indeed, that the vast majority of humanity has not yet responded to this blatant oppression and control grab is testament to the decades of social engineering and enslavement. Our race’s core understandings have been eviscerated and the people have been overtly and subliminally denied access to their true roots.

The key that ends all previous programming is waking up. Once that happens all bets are off. We become the unstoppable force they so fear.

Our voyage is rediscovering who we truly are, and then living according to those standards. With confidence, with love, with strong solidarity with others who have awakened or are in the process of awakening.

Our connectivity is manifesting at a massive rate. Now is the time to wake up together, disengage from business as usual and any ties that bind us from right action, and make the personal transformation – consciously, lovingly, soundly.

Keep networking, sharing information, showing up where we’re supposed to be, supporting those doing what we know is contributing to the awakening, and following the tug of intuition and the leadings of synchronicity.

We are arising in the midst of the gathering rubble of a failing empire in its last dying throes.

Don’t fear it, but do be aware of your surroundings. The safest place to be is doing what we know we’re supposed to be doing. Universe has a way of taking care of those helping It to unfold and discover itself, empowering others to find their true nature and infinite possibilities.

That’s the river to be paddling in, none other. Beware the eddies of distraction and wrong attachments.

Missing the right river is the same as missing the boat.

Paddle consciously, and happily