Walking Dead actress Shannon Rogers Guess arrested in ricin case

ricin8n-4-webThe red-haired Texas actress who last week told FBI agents her husband was behind the ricin-laced letters sent to President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg was arrested Friday for allegedly sending the letters herself.

Shannon Rogers Guess, an actress who has appeared on “The Walking Dead” and “Vampire Diaries,” allegedly sent the vitriolic poison-tainted letters to Obama and Bloomberg, law enforcement officials confirmed Friday, just a week after she called authorities to turn her husband in for the same sinister deed.

Rogers Guess, a mother of five children from previous relationships, was charged Friday with mailing threatening communications. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

Last Friday, authorities hauled away Rogers Guess’ husband, Army veteran Nathan Richardson, for questioning when she told them she found a suspicious substance in the refrigerator of their New Boston, Texas, home.

The couple, reportedly expecting their first child in October, had been in the process of getting a divorce, which may have been a factor in Rogers Guess’ initial accusation against her husband.

John Delk, a lawyer for Nathan Richardson, told The Associated Press Thursday that Richardson may have been set up by his wife, in retribution for the pending split.

“There are a lot of factors I’m aware of that indicate (Nathaniel Richardson) was set up in this deal by her,” Delk said.

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