Woman’s drowning at Grand Canyon remains mystery

Kaitlin_Kenney_1358196940566_353711_ver1.0_320_240A Colorado woman who drowned at the Grand Canyon recognized the risk in mixing alcohol and rafting.

Kaitlin Kenney wrote in a journal about her deep respect for the environment and her desire not to become intoxicated.

For whatever reason, she let loose on Jan. 11 — about halfway through a monthlong trip on the Colorado River that included her 21st birthday.

The Englewood, Colo., woman disappeared from her campsite. Her body was found two months later, about 30 river miles from where she last was seen.

National Park Service documents released to The Associated Press don’t say how Kenney ended up in the river.

But Grand Canyon Chief Ranger Bill Wright says the take away message is clear: rafters should drink in moderation and watch out for each other.