What is going on… Riots? Race War? Social Media Hate & Much More!

I could post a million screenshots of dumb ass people posting on social media websites talking about how they are going to rape white women, kill white people in hoodies, judge who provided not guilty, to riot just because… Now how dumb are these people posting this online. Number one; They are posing a risk to get investigated and even imprisoned by law enforcement just like how many others have been picked up for writing threats that were part a song and satire.. So why don’t these racial instigators don’t get in trouble? Maybe they are paid shills who stir the pot.

Now this is only said by people on twitter.. Baltimore police have requested riot gear as of 1045pm, Florida users posted that riots have already begun with multiple gunshots 11:00pm, found this MIDNIGHT MARCH IN SILENCE FOR TRAYVON (42 people going so far)

Why do people want riots so bad, it’s like these people were brainwashed by some subliminal message to go crazy over this rather than even give two shits about PRISM Spying and everything else that is happening in this screwed up world. By the way; George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white! Black Panthers shouldn’t be targeting white people at all. That needs to be addressed by someone with authority.

All I have to say is that, something is going to happen tonight, doesn’t mean a crazy riot but somethings are going to be broken and people will be arrested. Look on twitter at the live feed and other forums as well. It will make an interesting night but Ill update if something serious happens. But if you want to think about something, look at this weird post on 4chan which is posted on 6/29/13: