White House Bans Paparazzi Images of Sasha and Malia Obama


Editor’s note: In America, where legal edicts are passed down from an imperial president and intrusive police state technology is now seen as normal by the commoners, it is illegal to publish photos of family members of the Anointed One while he spends more on a single vacation than most will earn their whole lives.

A paparazzo who took photographs of the daughters of President Barack Obama walking along a Hawaiian beach last week made a big mistake — at least, in the eyes of the Oval Office.

Because as soon as the images of Sasha and Malia were sent out to news outlets around the world, the photographer received an official letter from the White House telling him to immediately stop their release, Celebuzz has exclusively learned.

Ironically, the man was waiting for pregnant Hollywood star Jessica Simpson to leave her Kailua Beach retreat in Honolulu County when the Presidential sisters, vacationing with their famous parents in an adjacent property since Dec. 21, came walking-by.

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