Warning: Hoaxed Alien False Flag Attack Expected Within Weeks!

There are many signs that indicate the expected hoaxed alien attack, the last card to be played by TPTB, will be played within a few weeks. And this is what the scenario is like:

  • Manmade UFO-alike flying object, working with anti-gravity compulsion, and loaded with lots of incredible high tech gadgets will appear in all of our skies and take positions over all larger cities on earth
  • Within a short timetable martial law will be announced, shortly after which these manmade vehicles will launch a deadly false flag hoaxed attack against these cities, destroying them completely, wiping out probably 2 – 3 billion people
  • The remains of humanity will be placed under world government, which will be sold to them as ‘the only viable solution left to fight the aliens’
  • A massive war will be fought against the fake alien crafts after which they will be defeated and the remains of humanity will be enslaved by this world government

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