What is going on at the Yellowstone super volcano?

Readings of the Norris Junction Yellowstone seismology graphs are currently off the charts. Suddenly at 6pm Mountain time on November 28th, seismological readings spiked, as shown on the graph above.

Is the Yellowstone mega-volcano reacting to the approaching cosmic alignment that is about to occur on December 3rd, 2012?

According to Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomy, Mercury, Venus and Saturn will indeed fall into alignment over the Giza pyramids on December 3, 2012. What kind of effect will that alignment have upon our planet Earth? Could Yellowstone’s awakening be just another one of the many earth changes that are now happening across the planet, including an uptick in seismic activity in the area surrounding the Long Valley Caldera in Long Ridge, California?

Whether the earth changes have anything to do with a rumored approaching ‘Planet X’ is beyond me. NASA once again has warned us that we have nothing to worry about. Then again, it sure seems like a lot of strange things are happening with our planet lately. Maybe the Mayans were right after all? December 21st, 2012 is only weeks away… the graph above shows the sudden spike at 6pm Wednesday.

The video at the bottom shares an MSNBC news report informing us that Yellowstone may indeed have a very short fuse; Yellowstone erupts on average once every 600,000 years, it’s been 640,000 since it last erupted.