Weird meteor-like sight over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Between the late afternoon and early evening of Sunday (17), the vision of a “spot” that moved through the skies of the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro and left a trail wherever he went made ​​nearly 20 readers G1 aright your videos and photos with the record of the object.

A civil servant Raphael Dias, 25, filmed the phenomenon of his home in Realengo, around 17:30, “Plane leaves trail of smoke. But what I filmed the trail was fading. At the end, disappeared. ”

The reader Carlos Ferreira Dutrain Sidney, who lives in Nova Iguaçu, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, also filmed the phenomenon around 17h on Sunday (18). “We were myself, my wife and my daughter in the backyard when my wife saw the situation,” he says.

The reader Andrei Soncin Santos Martins, 18, photographed a “light bulb” that “appeared in the sky” in St. John Meriti around 18.30. “It was visible to the naked eye,” he recalls. The surfer says he was surprised, and began shooting “as to whether, with the zoom of the camera, you could see what it was.” However, he could not identify the object.

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