WWIII Has Begun Or Will Very Soon!

Recently there has been a lot of breaking news about the conflict with Iran, Israel and Nuclear Weapons.. Our government hasn’t told the full truth about what is about to happen.. I can tell you that World War Three is about to happen.. Perfect timing for the troops from Afghanistan to be ‘relocated’ to Iran and Israel.. They will try to start the war within the next month or so before Ron Paul gets into office. There has been a lot of news about this subject, so please keep your eyes open on other website and on our twitter account for the latest news.. Ill be posting more articles once I dig up more but for now here are some interesting links:

Civil defense drills held in Gaza for preparation against possible wars

Gaza civil defense teams marched in front of the offices of the United Nations and the International Committee of the red Cross in the Gaza strip. They demanded protection for Palestinian emergency teams.

During the Israel war on Gaza in late 2008 paramedics and firemen were killed during Israeli attacks on medical teams and emergency facilities. The International Committee of the Red Cross says emergency teams are protected under international humanitarian law.

Gaza Civil defense teams held their biggest ever drill as they marked the third anniversary of the Israeli war on Gaza. The drill included simulations of Israeli war strikes on buildings and on motor vehicles in addition to other emergency situations.

Civil Defense teams demonstrated their skills in search and rescue operations. Health officials say during the war on Gaza Israeli forces killed nearly two dozen emergency workers. Recent Israeli threats against the Gaza Strip have prompted fears of a would-be war on tiny coast enclave.

The civil defense drill is being conducted amid growing Palestinian concerns about another Israeli war similar of that which took place in late 2008 where at least 1400 Gazans were killed and thousands more were injured.


Now the Canadian Lackey Harper is Helping with Iranian False Flag and WWIII

Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the escalating standoff between Iran and the West the greatest threat to world peace. The prime minister offered that assessment of the growing tensions in the Persian Gulf during an interview Thursday on an Alberta radio program.

“Your listeners should be under no illusion, Iran is a very serious threat to international peace and security. In my judgment, it is the world’s most serious threat to international peace and security,” Harper said during an appearance on the Rutherford Show, an Alberta-wide radio call-in program.

Harper also said he has no doubt Iran wants a nuclear weapon and would be prepared to use one. “This is a regime that wants to acquire nuclear weapons … and has indicated some desire to actually use nuclear weapons,” he said.

Harper’s remark about Iran expressing a desire to use a nuclear weapon appears to fly in the face of the facts, said one expert.

“I think it would be an overstatement. To all intents and purposes, it looks like they’re trying to acquire a nuclear weapons capability. But they have yet to cross the threshold,” said Fen Hampson, director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Iran maintains its nuclear program is meant solely for peaceful purposes, and has not admitted to pursuing a weapon. Still, the international community, Canada included, believes the main goal is to build a nuclear bomb.


Military Warning To Iran Over Strait Closure

The UK would respond militarily if Iran carries out its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, the Defence Secretary has warned. Philip Hammond used a speech in Washington DC to warn Iran that any attempt to close the key Gulf trade route would be “unsuccessful” and could be stopped in part by the Royal Navy.

“Any attempt by Iran to do this would be illegal and unsuccessful,” he said in a speech at the Atlantic Council. “Our joint naval presence in the Arabian Gulf, something our regional partners appreciate, is key to keeping the Strait of Hormuz open for international trade.

“It is in all our interests that the arteries of global trade are kept free, open and running. Disruption to the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz would threaten regional and global economic growth.” Iran has threatened to block the 34-mile wide strait in retaliation for a planned EU trade embargo on Iranian oil. It is understood that EU governments have reached agreement on a trade embargo, but are yet to say when it will be implemented.


Iran, US and Israel announce new war games as tensions rise in the Gulf

Tensions on the oil shipping lanes in the Gulf have escalated with the announcement of new naval exercises by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and news that Israel and the US are planning to carry out their most extensive joint manoeuvres in the region.

The naval commander for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, said the drill in February would be “different compared to previous exercises held by the IRGC”. The Iranian navy finished 10 days of exercises in the Gulf on Monday, during which it tested a range of new missiles. It warned that Iran could close the strait of Hormuz, the narrowest point in the Gulf, through which a fifth of the world’s traded oil passes.

On the same day, the Israeli military said it was preparing for joint exercises with the US to rehearse missile defence and co-operation between the forces. The manoeuvres, which are codenamed Austere Challenge 12 and involve thousands of troops, have been planned for some time and were hailed by Israeli and US officials as their biggest ever joint drill.

Associated Press quoted an unnamed Israel official as saying the drill would test multiple Israeli and US air defence systems against incoming missiles and rockets in the next few weeks. Israel has developed the Arrow anti-ballistic system with Israel, which is designed to intercept Iranian missiles in the stratosphere.


Iran dismisses UN resolution, threatening counter measures

Iranian officials opposed strongly the latest round of UN Security Council sanctions on their country, threatening to take measures against the move.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Wednesday said the resolution against Iran “worth nothing”, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported.

“These resolutions worth not a dime for the Iranian nation,” Ahmadinejad said when visiting Tajikistan.

The president compared those resolutions to used towels that should be thrown in waste bin, saying “they cannot harm Iranians.”


U.S.-Iran Tensions: Mideast Showdown Builds As United States Tightens Military Ties To Israel

Storm clouds darkening over the Middle East suggest a growing peril for the United States and the possibility of a new war that could embroil the U.S., Israel, Iran and others in a bloody, costly fight. Behind this week’s exchange of threats between Iran and the United States over access to the Persian Gulf, seasoned analysts see a perfect storm of factors that could trigger armed conflict.

Iran’s work on nuclear weapons is fast approaching a “red line,” the crossing of which both the United States and Israel say is unacceptable and may have to be halted by force. Washington and European capitals are preparing new sanctions that would sever Iran from the international banking system, a move that would cripple its economy and that Tehran has said it would consider a provocation to war. Growing violence in Syria threatens to spill over its borders with Israel, Lebanon and Turkey, a NATO ally.

Amid the saber-rattling rhetoric from Washington and Tehran, and Arab world upheaval from Egypt to Iraq to Yemen, the United States is planning an unprecedented escalation of military cooperation with Israel, including massive joint exercises this spring to practice joint command and maneuver of ground forces in combat.

And political campaigns, including a struggle between bitterly opposed factions in Iran’s March parliamentary elections and the U.S. presidential contest culminating in the fall, are likely to keep all these tensions at a boil.


Several Thousand US Troops Headed To Israel For ‘Unprecedented’ Joint Missile Defense Exercise – OpEd

On Dec 20 Jerusalem Post reportedthousands of American soldiers were deploying to Israel to take part in the “the largest-ever missile defense exercise” in Israel’s history. So far, the U.S. media is not covering it, but Iran sure is.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Israel is moving forward with plans to hold the largest-ever missile defense exercise in its history this spring amid Iranian efforts to obtain nuclear weapons.

Last week, Lt.-Gen. Frank Gorenc, commander of the US’s Third Air Force based in Germany, visited Israel to finalize plans for the upcoming drill, expected to see the deployment of several thousand American soldiers in Israel. The drill, which is unprecedented in its size, will include the establishment of US command posts in Israel and IDF command posts at EUCOM headquarters in Germany – with the ultimate goal of establishing joint task forces in the event of a large-scale conflict in the Middle East.

The US will also bring its THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) and shipbased Aegis ballistic missile defense systems to Israel to simulate the interception of missile salvos against Israel. Iran is pissed. A few days after that announcement they began a 10 day drill in Strait of Hormuz that ended yesterday, it’s gotten lots of press in the U.S., and yet no mention of the US troop deployment to Israel ever. Here’s WAPO’s Iran army chief warns US aircraft carrier not to return to Persian Gulf in new tough rhetoric


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